What do we do if players are cheating

We wiped of a bunch of toxic Brazilians. So they came back with different people after their clan split up that we suspect ARE ABUSING THE GAME/HACKING/DUPING. They been in the server 3 days 3 of the where already 60 and the other 7 hit lvl 60 in 8 hours or so then on the 2nd day the build a big base with a god already up and only 4 where on. Then on day 3 they buildt a 15 high up t3 wall around the base in less than 40 min sense we scouted. My clan an i are very experienced and we know for sure they are cheating and the rest of the server agrees. Please help us we want to be taken out the right way not by cheaters.

You can get to level 60 in 6 hours on a fresh PvP server wth x2 experience.

The building though is questionable. I can only assume they had some hidden stash with building materials. All in all, I don’t suspect any “cheats” or “hacks”.

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Unless they crashed the server 50 times, I don’t know how they would dupe that much in such short time

I once was able to dupe 8k dragon powder in 15 minute :smiley:

But how much did you start with and can you still use that method?

Was 250 dragon powder. And it was back then when the archery target was the issue. They fixed that.

There is even a faster method… you need a clan + recipe + materials.
Maybe its already patched, but there was no need for 2*XP.

Of course, but I was talking about starting naked solo. Just run around and kill everything. Do some journey steps. Get enough food and finish in jsag dungeon. Can all be done naked with stone spear.


Move to private server and the Admin can handle it. Like me

Cheating or not, toxic people are always going to be a part of games like these. The real question is how willing are you to keep fighting them? I’ve fought toxic tribes for months across different servers and it really does gets old after awhile. There’s no winning a never ending conflict with or without exploits. Some people have a lot of free time and it doesn’t matter how many times you wipe them, they get off on the struggle. You can clap them over and over, gank them at obs, gank them during farming runs, wipe them over and over again but they just keep at it long after everyone else on the server has been wiped. And yes, a lot of toxic players do wind up resorting to exploits but there’s really no policing it on public servers. We wiped a clan once after a months long war and they decided they would use their duped resources they stashed under the map to just black ice all the brimstone and as much resource areas as they could. They would log in once or twice a week just to refresh their garbage and repair their obnoxious land claim. Our clan moved on to several other servers long after we wiped their allies and as we would log in to check our base on a dead server they too would log in occasionally just to make sure their plague of black ice foundations were still there. It wasn’t until those kids just lost interest and forgot to login that everything had decayed months later. Meanwhile our clan winds up fighting their clan again on yet another populated server. It’s a never ending cycle of toxic dbags, intense fights, cheese and occasional exploits. The other question is, suppose you do wipe your toxic enemies and the server gets really stale, what will you do next? PVE it up until bottom feeders join your server to solo wipe inactive clans? Better to go out in a fire than for your once impressive bases to be turned into tombs for inactive players just waiting for grave robbers.

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