What do ya think about mods for ps4?

Hey, I have a question for all PS4 players.

How would you find it if there were also mods for the PS4?

Mods that include quests, for example:
Like a story, you have to do it?

And that is not the travel diary meant.

Please do not fight, give constructive criticism.


The chances of Funcom pulling a Bethesda? Very and Highly unlikely. Beth found a way to monetize some of it to insure it services and management get payed for.

I don’t think alot of other will do this…

Plus, Sony has a no external files thing going. there not gonna risk it. (no major issues have happen on Xbox side… but one day. XD)
They even tone down editers in some cases. (example be ps4 minecraft which doesnt allow custom skins on later version. “Kids game” were they’ll wont let the one person screw it up.

In general… I love some of mods, and wish Devs could work out a deal with Lawyers (which is another major pit in ground to get over with this. )
Cause even with permission, they then find one of assets is not 100% modders…all hell breaks loose)

I would love to see Devs take a mod with full permission to rework it into game.

I’m always interested in new outfits and clothes. (not bulky, cover everything armor)
I’d rather dress like Comic book cover Conan characters then how we would in real life. I don’t need red Sonja bikini outfit of… not much left to imagination. but some normal leathers in lines with light/med of Aqu stuff. I love Scout, thou I’d kill for some drape over clothes… I’d have dig up picture…

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