What do you think about the administration of funcom?

I’m just gonna quietly point out that with this game… official servers aren’t the “be all and end all” or even the “cow’s umm… boobs?” :smiley:
You still have the game… the game is still awesome… it’s still getting updated… and every single complaint I see has to do with how official servers are being run… Well… tough luck, you don’t like it you even have the freedom to make your own server and run it whichever way you like and that I think is awesome, not many games give you that freedom :slight_smile:


This is one of the reasons I won’t touch Fallout 76. I want my server on my machine with my alteration/modification.


Why I stayed in fallout 4

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So the answer in your eyes is to pay more money to be able to enjoy the game we already bought?

This answer is getting really old.

You don’t know enough about the issue to give him concrete instructions like this. Non of us do and that’s the problem. Truth is yes he can get banned and very easily hence the reason the tos was updated for false reporting and that’s not even addressing this… * Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, resources, and other areas of the game.

And other areas of the game… hmm so is “other areas of the game” up to the dev of the day responding to the report? What about resources? Does this include fiber? Trees? Rocks? If so then I doubt anyone in this forum is safe. So no your answer to him although sounds good on paper is false.

Now if I took your comment a bit out of context I apologize but there’s enough people in the forums who don’t see the problem here.


I don’t mean to be cruel, but I’ve been through a couple wipes before. It seems to me PvP should at least endure an item wipe.

Here’s a question for all the Official denizens: shouldn’t Funcom do something about the dozens of toons I have on their servers? Shouldn’t there be a character/server limit by now?

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I think that’s wildly open to interpretation as to which feature is worth “how much” in each individual player’s eyes and what was and “should be” included in the price we paid…

I personally don’t pay a dime for it… the server is running off of my computer which is always on anyway regardless of Conan, so it’s not just gportal that exists. And if you’re not in a situation to do that… guess what? others are… there is a whole plethora of private servers out there with proper staff who aren’t just “kids abusing power” but actually do a great job at managing their servers…
The only difference would be that you can’t “whine” to them about not getting what you paid for… since those people mainly do it for free, however a lot of them still have support channels / discord servers where you CAN voice your issues, just perhaps with a slightly different attitude.

With that being said thou, I never said that I am against Funcom getting their act together and properly managing their official servers… however given that I’ve been playing from the early stages of early access and this same problem existed even then which made me not play on official servers even then… as much as I wish for it, I don’t see it all of a sudden happening tomorrow…

My point was mainly that this is one of those games that actually gives you the freedom and the option to do that if you don’t like it… because a lot of others in comparison DON’T… and you’re stuck with whatever server they give you and however they manage that.

Hope that makes it clear now.

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Console doesn’t have the luxury of a plethora of private severs. 90% are dead the other 10% have ridiculous rules. I believe pc has so many private severs are because of two reasons. 1 pc official is riddled with hackers and cheaters which makes land claim issue look like child’s play. 2 pc has mods to make the game better because the lack of content and plethora of bugs make it unappealing. Private severs aren’t the end all be all either so maybe except the fact that some don’t want to play on them


Well that’s the thing about human experience: we can each judge a scenario based on what we know and have witnessed. What the OP describes is EXACTLY what I saw forming while I still inhabited a server homeworld: spiteful banquesting.

On my old server there were at times total choads who would front about reporting people. The reason? They were unfamiliar with the Player List and considered any “hidden” player to be cheating. Or they got beaten by a nude dude who just happened to be online when they transferred in. If they can report, they will.

As for resources: don’t overbuild anything rare. Dozens of times I thought about building a cool defensive tower yet it might’ve despawned Black Ice. So I didn’t. When enemies built above my position and did indeed despawn the Black Ice, they were raided back to the block that allowed the resource to respawn. Soon after that, they left the server.

Furthermore I think of Official servers as someone else’s property, so I don’t want to make a nuisance out of myself. That, coupled with the fact that I want to maintain some landscape means I try to build with very little impact. Again, this is just me, and I definitely feel for people who have questions about the rules.


Yup, I understand the console part and it sucks. I agree with the reasons for it as well, those are all age old issues and this is actually one of those games where hackers can do way more damage than a mere wounded pride of getting shot through a wall or something.

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I been wipe as well before the problem is when your limited to your build and tactics you have no choice to adapt and find new ways not to lose everything due to a false report.

There were many different defenses that prevent attacking players from having a advantage during a raid. Problem is when you have to cut down tactics then what are you left with besides thralls and bubble.

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Heard that. When I came to 1876 I thought I was King Turd with an amazing idea: build a layercake bunker filled to the brim with chests. Make an “End Game” Base around it. Then Tier Up our other bases around the map to draw fire. Nice thinkin’, Lincoln, I said to myself after the 30th gameplay hour of “dismantling” Clan assets.

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I for one not on board with the upcoming thrall nerf not because I need them to fight but more to help the issue of offline raiding. I get nerfing beastmaster but all thralls reduced health and damage. When they can easily be poisoned out in less than 5 minutes. Some thralls are only getting 5k health right now and the only reason they are viable is because they hit hard. Can’t wait to see a beserker with 3k health and hits like a wet noodle.


Not included the fact how magic will break the game and flying mounts. It does more ways to lose a base and nothing added to increase defenses in some form or another. If they want only pvp they should make a special map for that. Similiar to gladiators


Its fine i think, now zendesk are responding faster. I would like to pay a subscription to play and have full support and better official servers. I played life is feudal mmo and the comunity was very close to the staff team. You found some problem? Chat in discord, and someone help you in no time. The player base was smaller than CE, and less servers too. But was a good experience for me.

What I encouraged earlier about judgment is taken a bit too far here, Marcos. The reason I left Official servers is because while I can abide the new rules, I cannot abide PvPers being tarred for simply building like no one’s watching. Nobody should infer some sort of lower status for people Zendesked into oblivion.

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I didn’t think you were, but people often read between the lines. This is how old beefs turn into herds of trouble.

For my part, Palm is a passionate proponent of fair play, and is willing to risk a lot to be a player’s player. They are also a useful barometer of sentiment, and what we might call pain points. I think they are extremely insightful in an admin thread.


To be fair, the topic didn’t become that.
In this case, it started as such.

On a personal level and not in response to anyone in particular, this one thinks that administration of official servers is just a touch inconsistent and effective communication is often lacking. That said, this one has conversed at any length with only one official servers admin. Without violating any confidence or trust, this one can only say that perhaps the task at hand is far more involved than the numbers available for performing it can reasonably be expected to handle with the degree of thoroughness this one would prefer.
While there is certainly an apparent shift in what is prioritized in enforcement, this one cannot confirm any speculation regarding the motivations therefore. The correlation between the draconic enforcement and the server merge-apocalypse is also noteworthy. With more exiles corralled into fewer holding pens, the need to crack the whip becomes more frequent.


Expecting people to know the difference between official serve admins and business administrations…

You are a far more optimistic person than this one.

However, point of irritation noted.
This one did not mean to offend. Apologies that this one’s arrow was let fly over the home and feathered this one’s brother.

Cramming everything into a single big update might not have been the best move. A live service is easier to sell with constant, monthly updates. An expansion makes sense only when you’re selling it.

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