What do you think about the administration of funcom?

I believe he saying if its free to play on, you have to live with the rules.

So your idea is to spam your message on every thread about how you were unfairly banned for spamming builds on servers? Hmmmm, meesa seesa pattern of behavior.

Show me the thread where I say this if it’s every thread? If you read my very first thread about this issue months ago (which I know you did) you woould know I haven’t spammed builds on any server.

You pop up on every ghread and twist in the ToS. That is spamming. You admit that you are okay with being annoying. So yeah, i am sure you are a super innocent banned player.

And tbh, you and many others went from having a point to becoming annoying (which now seems your goal), thus losing many forum users support because y’all will hijack every thread into the ToS debate

Respectfully disagree. I will speak up when there is a issue. Also let’s not exaggerate in saying I go into every thread. I go into the ones about this issue. It’s not my fault a lot of players have the same concerns

“For your privacy, we are unable to discuss specifics of moderation with anyone other than the user affected. For this reason, we kindly ask you keep all inquiries and discussion about moderation to direct messages with moderators and staff.”

You might say this is a jaded warning, and yes, the Forum Staff is clamping down on people that are not following the Social Guidelines.


For Server bans, please direct your questions to Zendesk.


No problem with that. But by hijacking threads you are losing support and now just becoming trolls. I have yet to see a real solution suggested by the ToS brigade. on how to battle excessive builds. They keep saying better communication, but based on the dialogue, they only want “You wer right” statement from FC. Anyhting else will be twisted amd dismissed. So no wonder FC just ignore the request

As for the Server ToS, I suggest that you review the updated version.


Not your business, because i have many enemies who.are still hunting me, plus i dont want you spamming the ToS in chat on my server. I can escape y’alls annoying tears there. And I never overbuild. Like @erjoh , i play small and deceptive.


See the new ToS as my future response for anything the ToS brigade posts. Byeeeee!

They despawned the black ice in the Frost Temple through building ?

No. over building is over building.


I would agree with you , just one issue I would have though, how is overbuilding defined? Pointless walls might be easy to point at but, what other overbuilding could be defined .


They were, but nagging and jumping thread to thread has hurt the cause. Plus, new ToS came out, saying basically what we already knew. FC reviews the cases, and they added in a bit about false reports. But as i figured, that is still not enough. They only want vindication, not real solutions.

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I reaaly dont care. Which is why i put the 2 of them on ignore. Just tired of their fake vituoso performance. Theu claim to be on a heros journey to help all of Conan, but really are just boring keyboard warriors to me.

Overbuilding is easy to see. You will know it when YOU see it.

Building a ton of empty space is likely overbuilding. Like for example you can enclose things like wheels of pain and crafting stations and may even be encouraged to do so. But building a large mostly empty structure that only looks pretty on the outside and serves zero function outside of that may see a demo/wipe in the future.

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The playerbase can benefit from:

• clearer ToC
• clear and concise direction regarding the proper way to play on Official Servers
• stop suspending/banning for minor infractions
• implement a warning system
• ToC link on launcher or in game menu
• include a General Inquiry option on Zendesk
• include the DbD that was worked on for PVP
• rework the building system to have upkeep
• when contacting Zendesk for clarification on reason for suspension/ban, receive clear and concise reasoning and not canned replies or repeats of the in-game suspension/ban message
• clarify the actual date that player is suspended until in the in-game message
• look into a better anti-cheat system
• when reporting clear ToC infractions that includes supporting evidence with no doubt, such as hacking or exploiting (especially undermeshing), receive quick action and response
• when addressing reports for hackers, halt sending canned replies weeks later apologizing for the wait and hopes that the hacking has gotten better
• administration not to tell players in emails regarding clarification for suspensions to choose a different server or mode (from PVP) if they don’t like it

These are my suggestions about how adminstration can do better.


I understand what he means.

But what he fails to acknowledge is that it simply does not matter how small you build, people have been adminwiped with what we know as ToC compliant bases.

Then when asked why through Zendesk players receive little to no explanation.


Don’t know for sure.

The open ended ToC can be interpreted differently. Using common sense would be the logical conclusion but you and I know that it’s simply not the case.

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I know 8 posted this before but my base might be consider to big for ToS but no real players ever complain about it. It was all impressed by the base. The only time people had an issue is when they failed to raid or tried to extort.

I personally like raiding big bases it is more fun. Also the fact it was there before ToS was enforced so took a lot of effort to shrink it. Every piece for the base had a purpose and all towers had a base. Each base had a group of clan members this way loot not all in one spot.

P.S: my base was all condense and not spread across the map like most clans. All in one spot.