What do you think about the administration of funcom?

I realize you’re still upset about your ban but christ man, that base spans 4.5 squares on the map. Long walls enclosing the area that has been actually confirmed to be against ToC. It doesn’t matter that if it was in one area, it doesn’t matter that the ToC was revamped after your base was created, it doesn’t matter that people gave you compliments or that there were no other complaints, it was ginormous. The amount of placeables would make anyone’s computer potentially puff smoke. Not to mention the blocking off of chests and POIs in that area :confused:

You keep trying to justify that you were incorrectly banned. I may agree that a warning, explanation and time to correct was in order but that claim had to be reduced down to a fraction of what you had.

This has been explained over and over to you. Bases like that are why there needed to be a ToC and enforcement.


I have warned the posters to this thread, in general, to not question Server bans in the Forum per the TOS. Continuing to do so in this thread or any other thread will result in the offender being silenced or suspended based on previous offenses.


Foundation spam is probably the cause, granted this isnt a deterrent to anyone whos active, but i can see how this would make causal player not even want to try… there is a line between un siege able and not worth the time, unless of course you p.o. the wrong person

Actually the issue wasnt the base size but I recently did fence stacking in crevice which got me ban. I was not aware it was bannable due to the fact dealing with this for several years.

The rules still does not state fencing is banable. The mechanics not use as intended is vague. I do understand it is all over the forums but clearly I only checked the rules.

Either way zendesk told me the size can be less than a square which it was if you put it all in a square.

Less than a square sounds good to me, as ive had massive bases for pvp servers but never a full square, this lessesns my anxiety after reading forumns banned for x alot

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I will tell you this game is one of the best survival games ever, only problem is they take toooo long to update game breaking things… if they can update quicker and optimize the game better buddy so many people would be playing it

You also have to understand when I got that result about being less than a square it was when support knew nothing. They did update rules of land claim abuse with torches consider spam.

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The funny part? We dont use torches, night time is a high hide time, only the lights from the forge exist. Any lighting is a target :laughing: maybe my clan is a bit eccentric but thats how we do things

I do appreciate the input still

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I think that “funcom is losing players…” as a header has been done so many times over the past five or six years of this game’s life that it loses all importance and comes off as nothing constructive or remotely actionable.


No, I inherited a clanmate’s building near the Frost Ob. Above that is a prominent hill with Black Ice and regular Ice. Turns out it was only one little ole node of BI.

I play the game years now and for a long time of watching the video I got confused, I finally understood that your build was on buccaneers Bay and not in Siptah! Want it or not that was a complete paramorphosis of the landscape. I do understand and respect your gaming hours in this server, plus I do respect you as a player and a member and I am really happy you are still here! Yet your ban was fair and square and this case is one of “I don’t know where to start” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I will stay on the creative part and the building part which was absolutely awesome for pvp, but hell no for official servers.
We, the veterans of the game, must give an opportunity to new players to come, learn and enjoy the game.
You do understand that your domination in this server had no opponents and this is something that must be balanced especially in official servers, because they are public and free. No one can own a server, a public server like you did, because it’s free and only Funcom owns them. We are guests in these servers and we must behave like guests not like owners!
It will be really interesting to see in a private server if someone could break this massive defensive line!
Again, not for officials…
But I loved it!

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I agree with you totally if I was attacking any of the new players in reality I gave them all starter kits and I only attack when the base gets attack. I had some very interesting fights at that base. I never said it wasnt fair I just needed time to take the base down lol

Also I was protecting all the new players from undermesher by godding the mesher spots lol

Added Note: Eventually when I did have a smaller base I got attack by 30 players lol in my defense I still think it was fair for the worst case scenario.

New players wouldnt know how to handle that base but vets would know how to destroy a base.

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I do believe you you know (in nine minutes I will be able to share more likes :rofl::rofl::rofl:). I believe that you must stay, officials or not, you are a good player. People can learn from your experience. I never believe the wrong image around your name, please stay and help. Happy to have you around :+1:t6:.

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Suggest it :grin:… You never know :wink:.
Do whatever makes you happy m8, because in the bottom line fun should be the only reason of gaming. It took me years in here to understand and respect what people see “fun”. Because I don’t see fun in some things that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist and every person must find fun in the bottom line. So I constantly pull my strings and read carefully, trying to eliminate my prejudice against ideas and people.
Thank you for this wonderful chatting, I really appreciate it :+1:t6:

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No rules? So ‘who can out-cheat the other’ kind of server? Interesting…

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If you think about it cheaters can cheat cheaters and I personally think it is easier to deal with cheaters due to the fact they are horrible in pvp from what I experienced. Also its a adaption in itself.

Agreed. I am not really sure as to the exact point by point piece by piece assessment that Funcom employs to determine abuse. I have never run afoul of the building requirements as I tend to stick to one structure with a mind towards not drawing too much attention to my stashes as I play primarily on pvp servers and building too big is a recipe for being raided.

I would personally like to see more maintenance requirement in harsh environments (ice, snow weight, blowing sands, heavy rains in the swungle, etc) as a way to curbing over building as this would become taxing the more you build so you would prioritize function .

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The only reason my base was so big was to counter gods, trebs and raid shacks from being built right outside or thralls from being spam. I actually had 600 thralls at one point but it was all from clan merges. I had to manually delete things when limit got place which was fine. I wish they did that with builds as well.

First we were FORCE relocated and lost 4 years of stuff.

Next all our collector thralls, and every named we brought with us is now a naked white guy with white hair.

Now the NGE (new game experience). This term is taken before most of you knew what a MMO was. 200k players left in one day.

Everyone liked the old way of playing when they ruined it to the point you could not play, we left.

Well those same SOE Devs MUST be working for FUncom.
This are doing the same thing that lead to ruin 20 years ago, is happening again.

With so many MMOs out there Committing suicide is just plain ignorant.

My personal view is this: pvp no matter if officials or private is not playable anymore. Its more then only the tos that is problematic at this point. Lags, rubberbanding, high ping, abuse, cheats, racial slures, psychos and tryharders everywhere that do not give a rats a… about anything but themselfs. The game is ok for Pve but thats it. I have seen so many private EU pvp servers close in the last months do to this problems, that you will have a really hard time finding any decent EU server anymore. The only servers that are still popular do to high farm rates and raidprotections are the ones from René, but his g-portal servers are literally unplayable. Ping of 1000 every night when raidtime starts until the raids are over. 3 times a day the servers are crashing for no reason and have to manually restarted. Every time the same excuses about serverstability and availability, the same trashy clans playing 2 and more years on his servers, abusing the rules again and again on purpuse until they get banned. And after the next wipe the sh… starts all over.

Funcoms rules are not working, no matter how hard they try to enforce them. This wouldn´t even change if they would be more clear about certain ones. Its simply the fact that the game itself is so broken that the rules aren´t gonna make up for anything anymore. You know that the ship is sinking when people can dupe and abuse the hell out of a game for years without any fixes and without any penalty.

Pve is left out of most of this problems, because bugs, abuses etc. have only a minor impact. Thats why for most pve players the situation is seen quite differently. If they experience lags or rubberbanding they simple log out and take a break. You can´t do that when you are in a raid or fight or if you have to defend your base. If you are a builder and you buy all dlc´s its like builders heaven. Nobody cares if a building piece is only t1 when it looks good. If you play pvp all that matters is T3, stability and making your base as safe as possible. Nobody really cares about rules if he plays this game long enough. No matter the rules. All that nonsense talk about rules and fair play is bs. Because in the end every pvp player is constantly looking for the loop holes because he wants to survive. He wants to stand out and tell the world: look we did it. we are the alphas. That is this people nature. Thats why they play pvp games. Because they want to win, no matter what it takes. As sad as it is, players like me, who try to play fair and expect others to also do so are getting thrown under the bus. From other pvp players and also from Funcom. The rules are only there to cover all the flaws the game has and to force people into rebuying the game over and over again. Because most pvp players that are left have addiction problems. Thats it. They have to play the game, they have to win and if they can´t do it the legit way then be it.

You only get the pain that a pvp player suffers if you are a pvp player by yourself. Otherwhise you are talking against walls. People sugar coat everything. Do refuse to see what they do not want to see. And that is why the new methode of selling overpriced shopitems will be a hugh success. People will lie to themselfs so they can cover their addiction for the game behind slures like: “I will support the game and the devs”. Nothing people with any sense of reality left can reasonably argue against.