What do you think about vault spamming on pvp servers?

Your idea of massive and my idea of massive and funcom’s idea of massive are all different. Now add every player’s idea of massive. Each subject has a different interpretation of massive. Therefore, it is subjective.

My point is that Funcom knows what is “causing problems”. Players do not. It isn’t common sense for a player to know how many building pieces they can have of each type before Funcom’s servers start struggling.

EDIT: 1K building pieces might be considered massive by some, but as you’ve stated others have up to 40k pieces. That’s a huge gap. Why can’t Funcom give an objective answer or limit each player to a certain amount of building pieces?

Again, if their hardware can’t handle their current game rules then they need to upgrade their hardware or upgrade their code. If they give guidance to the players then they need to use objective terms so that their rules can’t be misinterpreted


No, there’s common sense and then there’s ridiculousness. Funcom has repeatedly shown us what the difference is by what they’ve demolished - when it was by only size - which actually, I have yet to see - because every single one of these 10k+ builds also have some other problem. Like, building too close to map assets, stacking, or foundation spamming. Your claims are fine in a hypothetical void but we have too things that blow your points away: Commonsense and Proven Examples.

They already have - in spades!!!

They have a buttload of examples in video. And they have shown us REPEATEDLY what is NOT acceptable. How much hand-holding do you want?

I give up lol. You need to know the difference between subjectivity and objectivity to understand what I’m saying. Also here’s the rest of that quote in context since you’re trying to cherry pick now :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re giving up because this has been beaten to death :skull_and_crossbones: twenty times over already. But to be clear I understand you just fine and know perfectly well the difference.

Anyway, back to “vault spamming” please:

~17000 building pieces


See now I wouldn’t consider that to be a massive base, but what does Funcom think? We don’t know because they don’t specify. They leave it for us to guess.


So please in all your infinite wisdom, enlighten us common folk what massive is since you have common sense.


You don’t think it’s big because he has the FOV at full width.

That is 20~25 wide, ~40 blocks deep, by over 40 blocks high.

Funcom: Instant demolition upon report! No speculation needed!

Well, if what you’re saying by this is that you don’t have commonsense then how am I to help you?
My suggestion would be for you to develop some - and right quick too - before you try and dry your pets in a microwave, fix a plugged in toaster with a steel butter knife, or put your hand into a running sink garbage disposal! Lucky for you though, you don’t even actually need commonsense as FC has defined it for you as being anything that is “memory intensive” enough that it “leads to loss of performance both on client and server-side.”

I’m counting all but placeables as a single number.


In PVP, massive to me is over 1k. But i build lean and stay hidden. The most used item in my builds are decorative plants.

In PVE, 10k…however we are still missing the point that it’s not a measure of one metric but a mix of all metrics in the build. Placeables, foundations, roofs, doors, ceilings and how it all works together creates a strain that is not viable for a server to maintain. There is no fast and easy line-in-the-sand spec…and IMHO, there shouldn’t be one because if you are arguing for a set law to either be punishable or not…you are not in the right mindset to begin with…its just another mechanic to work around in that point of view…and that is the wrong point of view for this game. I don’t know how else to put this…if you are just about min-maxing and maximizing your own advantage against others with no thought on how it is going to play out for the entire game…I don’t want to play with you. I’m not alone and that mentality will drag the game into extinction. There is a difference between playing a game competitively with good nature and just winning at all costs. If you can’t distiguish between those two concepts, you are the problem with the game.

Now for vault spamming…it’s just like foundational spamming and grounds for a Thanos event. We aren’t talking about removing storage access. NO ONE NEEDS 20 VAULTS! If you are actually using those to store (vs landclaims), then you need to be taken down a peg in PVP anyways and should accept that fate because you turned into Smaug.

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lol you’re just proving my points from earlier. You see it as massive. I don’t. Maybe Funcom does. Maybe they don’t. It’s subjective.

If your definition of massive is objective then you should be able to specify it. What is the threshold of base dimensions that classify a base as massive? 25 wide by 25 long by 25 high? is that massive? so a base that is 25x25x24 isn’t? Exactly how many placeables are allowed before it’s considered massive? 100? 200? 500? 5000?

None of this is common sense. Not even Funcom knows the answers, because if they did then they could tell us.


Right, but players don’t know how big is too big before it starts affecting Funcom’s servers. We don’t know the specs on their servers and even if we did it would tell us what exactly the limitations should be for each player. Instead of fixing their systems, they are giving players unclear guidelines that are subject to interpretation. Most players aren’t computer scientists and won’t know what items tax a server more or less.

WTF are we even talking about? Stop letting bullies divert these topics.

Vaults are obviously taxing. Approach a loaded one. Now approach an empty one.

25 of these in a field is destructive to a server, in a quantifiable way. There need to be clear rules and standards.

* For the record the previous poast was submitted early with a swear in it. I can’t fix it and it’s greyed out.


Vault spamming seems to me to be the same as any other kind of spamming. If it is such that it effects server performance, then it is violating TOS.

Only difference is that vaults are containers. As such they are more likely to cause lag. They are also more likely to be spammed in PvP as they function as a deception tool.


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I was going to say - `that might actually be a thing the way things are going’… but then I remembered:

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I agree with all that you’ve stated. How is a player supposed to know how much they are affecting server performance? We don’t have the tools to measure that. Only Funcom does. Shouldn’t Funcom tell us exactly what will causes too much server degradation or better yet fix their code to prevent it?

If a player places more than 5 vaults and that’s the threshold before it seriously affects server performance then wouldn’t it make sense for them to just limit each player to 5 vaults? Instead they just give us vague TOS guidelines like: “over-use of memory intensive items leading to loss of performance”. How is a player supposed to know what the “over-use” limit is when it isn’t defined? How is a player supposed to know which items are “memory intensive”? etc.

A player could be bogging the server down without realizing it because the game allows them to do so and the TOS are subjective and unclear. Then Funcom drops the ban hammer on them and they’re left wondering why. When they ask why, they’re told “it’s common sense” or “you should have read the TOS”.

I can’t see any way to blame anyone other than Funcom for these spamming and exploit problems. Spamming vaults sucks, but it will continue unless the game code is changed and only Funcom can do that.

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I don’t know. It is difficult to even discuss what FC “should” do in this case without discussion here devolving into needless debate about the nature of morality, in my experience at least.

So whether or not FC “should” provide players with clearer rules is debatable. It benefits FC to have vague rules, it gives them authoritative control over bans and punishment as opposed to relegating it to a “neutral third party” such as a set of definable rules. Which opens up bans to public litigation (if only in the court of public opinion). This means players have to rely on FC’s judgment AND be subject to their whims.

Whether or not you or I find that acceptable is individually subjective. It’s also up to FC how they run their own servers. If they deem the vague rules as sufficient, our recourse is to resolve ourselves to it, relocate, or revolt. Given that even agreeing on what FC “should” do is Herculean, I have little faith in the forum rallying against a perceived player injustice.


humour me for a minute and go into single player and go to the deserters gutter in D9.

Tell me how you would build a secure base in there that’s under 20k pieces.

Doors each side to the centre. Ceiling stacking or regular honey comb for ceiling (anti climb on each snapping point of a ceiling then intersections on the ceiling) Multiple layers of that until you get to your main floor you want to use

Then you need to honeycomb the entire part around your doors. Walls/Ceilings/Intersections again.

But then you also want to build out infront of your drawbridges too. So attackers aren’t instantly at your bridge. Something just aint adding up here chief. It’s almost like certain base locations require lots of building pieces to be made strong base locations. Specifically large cave base locations. Deserters Gutter and the Crevice to name a few need to be built using a lot of pieces so they don’t get raided in 5minutes.


Yeah if there was a way to safe your base as some kind of blue print so you can repair it after it took damage without the need to think about it other than delivering the resources.some players would built like this…

If something like this will ever be implemented “The blueprint fades after a day is the entire base is destroyed so it wouldn’t be claimable right after”.

But I don’t think any PvP players care about building, they care about just killing, I like siege PvP not just the killing -.-

Min-maxing is a huge part of any PVP game and a lot of online PVE games. A ton of them are indefinitely more popular than Conan.

And people do accept that it has an effect on the entire game. Very few are arguing that we should be allowed to build however we like again. Almost everyone just want to know the limit (meaning if you stay under the limit you shouldn’t be hurting the game).

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