What do you think the next Age will be?

Yes, there are many beasts in the game for devs to put in their maps.

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The age of James, earl, Jones. That would be freaking epic.

Likely a pipe dream, but a good dream nevertheless. :thinking:

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I thought plumbing was a pipe dream.

Or maybe the Age of Tobacco would be a pipe dream.

(Besides, plumbing wouldn’t necessarily be lore-unfriendly. After all, Nabonidus in Rogues in the House had managed to build a network of periscopes in his house that acted as basically a live surveillance camera system. Had he lived, I’m sure he would’ve figured out a way to automate the disposal of his bodily wastes, too.)

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“What do you think the next Age will be?”

More broken.


I hope it’s this


Is Conan rated 18+ when you buy it? I cannot remember.

Age of Maintenance

Where they add a new mechanic that makes grass grow and you have to get a mower out every two weeks to maintain your lawn.


i would hope for 1 religion per person/clan on officials

or alternatly, help conan save her, getting him some wizard ally he has an item or whatever

or the HOA fines you 100 gold lol.


personally Age of War. A new dungeon where you have to use tnt to blow open doors. Secret areas where you can blow up walls. The end boss is a portal that keeps a min of soldiers spwaning while you battle the leader until you other die or kill the leader. Only loot you obtain is from chests, and the leaders skull as a trophy!

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I like that idea. I think this what they tried to do in Sepermeru, and more recently with the camp of traders near the new dungeon.

I can imagine some big and small families of traders: the Turanian tamers (they’d buy animals), the Aquilonian architects (they’d buy intermediate crafted materials), the greedy Pirates (interested in rare spices, silk, coins, legendary weapons), etc.
They would ask for items or the completion of short missions (to secure a route of trade, to protect a caravan, to find clues about a lost caravan…) , which would raise a gauge of affinity with their faction.
Special rewards would be given depending on your affinity with them, and titles as the ultimate rewards. :blush:


I’m just gonna leave this here… :kissing_closed_eyes::notes:

At first I dismissed this because it doesn’t fit the same style. It’s not Age of THE Sorcerer but Age of Sorcery. But what if it’s a hint to the story Conan and the Amazon and therefore the subterranean city of the Jaguar addition to the map?

It certainly would fit into the mold of the game and underground cities are not new.

If it’s true (and not a false clue as some might say), I’m looking at it and thinking it may be an addition to the map in the upper right. They mentioned the presumption of not being able to add due to dungeons was false. So, it could be that. It shows a jungle, which would fit with the area naturally. However, if I’m right, I don’t see this as the next age. It feels too soon to add a whole section to the map. Maybe the following age?

If this is legit, I expect some decent hairstyle additions, especially an afro. Also add in some new mounts; zebra, elephants, tigers, etc.

I hope there will be no jungle and no darfary like factions. Jungle is the most ugly biome in CE - pitch black nights, non removable vine textures messing with construction, wetness and constant rains (inside your base, lol), seizure inducing lightning storms. And darfary is an epitome of primitive tribal culture - somehow they look even more primitive and bland then First men on Siptah.

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“you been played” :grin: