What do you want out of the next DLC?

I bought two of the DLCs, was actually looking for some armor that would help in the heat of the volcano and one of the DLCs had that.

I would want something other than just cosmetic for me to buy a DLC. So I would hope that a DLC would contain some new content. Not sure how that could be added to the game in such a way that those without the DLC would not be at a disadvantage though.

I’m in no rush to find out though.

I would’t mind being able to have planted trees, like the decorative planters you make in the artisan table. But having something like mixing seeds and dung, then being able to plant it in a location would be interesting.

Everything you bring about about the building pieces, I would like as well.

But, I am also a guy who would want proper “farmer”. Like, being able to put down a plot to grow crops and the like, with a farmer thrall. Maybe make the plot the same size as a foundation piece. That would give the appearance of a proper castle surrounded by farmland.


This would not work on any of the servers. this would have to be for Private servers (with a lot of management by admins and players so everyone has every new DLC) or SP, kind of like mods.

On officials there is no way for the server to function without headaches to the logistics of it, and man power from Funcom.

Personally, your comment felt a little blunt. (no offense) I was replying to someone, whom I assume may have been dissapointed by the temporary replacement. In case they didn’t know, I would like them to know why this was the case - regardless of the period when it took place and the assumption that it has already been changed back.

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Thralls doing emotes instead of just standing… Dancers having options to do all dances… Changing placeable thralls emotes to do idle things like the ones in set city.

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Hello, you dont need dlc for heat and cold pro armor. Silent legion is 5heat bars and god breaker is 5cold bars. Hope this helps.


Ya, I know I didn’t need them, but they do allow you to get something a little easier and quicker, and I like easy and quicker :smile:

Ok cool, imo most dlc nowadays is cosmetic. Non real money spenders raged against money spenders about the time fornite came out so devs are walking a fine line between profit and content.

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I’d like to have some of the missing temperature/attribute/weight armor combos filled in. Looking at the Armor page on the wiki, and ignoring armors that can’t be made flawless or that split their attribute bonuses, I see the following…

Me personally? I’d love to see Heat-Resist armors in Light Vitality, Light Grit, Medium Strength, and Medium Grit, and Cold-Resist armors for Light Accuracy, Light Encumbrance, Medium Accuracy, and Medium Encumbrance. For Heavy armor, I guess Survival would be nice in either for those times when I swap armor with my follower to do some farming (since I only ever use Heavy armor on thralls).

As for Buildings, I’d love to see:

  • T2 versions of the T3 DLC fences — for interiors I want pretty railings that aren’t covered in spikes
  • T2 versions of the T3 Walls & Door Frames that are the same on both sides — again for interiors
  • Ceiling tiles and foundations where we can actually see what direction the pattern will show up in (don’t ever troll us like with Frontier again!)
  • T2 Fences that match the railings on the stairs
  • A T3 set using Black Ice that looks different than the standard Black Ice, I’d also be down for one that uses Obsidian (though not composite obsidian)
  • 3-leg variants of all corner awnings for making turret towers

For Placeables:

  • Armor Stands (while I think this should be part of the base game, I’d shout, “Shut up and take my money!” if it was in a DLC and not feel bad)
  • Functional barrels & jugs (see armor stands)
  • T2 & T3 elevators that are both prettier and faster than what we have now
  • T2 & T3 drawbridges that are prettier than what we have now
  • Baths/pools in various shapes and sizes
  • Bars for our taverns
  • A canopy bed
  • Plates, bowls, and baskets with food in them
  • Planters for trees (framerates be damned, make it so they can’t be placed super-close if that’s an issue)

How about bunk beds? I wouldn’t mind them when I make my barracks room.

I would want to be able to sit in the baths/pools. Or place a thrall in there.

How about cutlery to go along with bowls, plates, and mugs.


#1, Lack of Clothes… and there all Sony Kid Friendly…

#2, Can’t ask for it, cause people will cry it’ll be spammed and break servers or what ever excuses they come up with.
Aka… more Light Sources, Torches styles, hanging lights.

I’d settle for better windows(not all of use play Conflict or PVP) or bars. (for river rp reasons…or jail…lol)

I’d 100% settle for clothes… and dancer outfits for each style. Some of clothes… I saw Aqu thumbnail and thought it was cloth draped over chest area, and small half tunic dress. Ended up as nice armor.
Not fan of “Full Armor” Giant Dad Shoudlers fad.


freakking diagonal and vertical fences!!!

we have normal fences horizontal but we dont have diagonal fences for stairs//sloping walls or vertical ones to complete a fence


I’d like a Darfari culture pack.


Always love more Placeables and Building Pieces. Totally agree with some “wishes” from others here, like rounded building pieces, maybe even half-width/height walls etc. Placeable food items (tablecloths for a splash of color), more plant variations.

More items which can be used to create different ambiences. Since there can’t be endless variations of items, maybe a few more neutral options with designs that can be easier combined no matter which culture. E.g. more carpets with simpler designs but a variation of colors/textures, same goes for tapestries and folding screens. Would have loved to see some paper-style sliding doors/room dividers and maybe white paper lanterns with the Yamatai update. Also a better alternative to the many braziers, like smaller lamps/lanterns or table lamps (we only have candles and the Turanian Standing Lamp so far).

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Great suggestion about the Shoji Screens. I think @Halcyon made a lot of Japanese-style references that blew my mind too. Unfortunately they were a little too late, as we learned Funcom does not add to its DLC, only modifies it.

If Riders of Hyboria is cavalry-themed, what would you like to see for placeables and illumination? I’m a horseman myself, I wonder what you think.


Khitan Imperial heavy armour is a cold resistance heavy armour, and not a heat resistant

With this change, u have a really great list and thank you for it!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hell yeah, @ToddCannon ! I have fingers crossed, hoping that the Blood and Sand DLC is Darfar themed. Lore has them as jungle inhabitants, but they’re all throughout the lower part of the desert biome in this game, so could there be a chance? Hoping very much so!

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Given the name and its being tied to go live with stuff like the battle standard - I think it’d be more safe to assume it will probably be more of a Gladiatorial theme.

civilian clothing and new hairstyles…would trigger my “shut up and take my money” button immediately

but given the name, i would assume a gladiatorial theme too for the next dlc

If the DLCs are supposed to be purely cosmetic, then they should better not fill gaps that have been missing before or they create a noticeable advantage.

Doing so with previous DLCs was a mistake in my opinion, as convenient as it seems and as much as I appreciate it as a player, but they should not continue to do so.