What do you want out of the next DLC?

Guess we’ll have to agree to disagree.

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If Riders of Hyboria is cavalry themed, hm, well – “Riders”, “cavalry”… literally begs for the introduction of mounts to me, which would also explain the delay for this DLC’s release. Buuuut…. since they don’t want to talk about mounts, let’s try and be creative. Since cavalry is all about mobility and combat, maybe a set of siege animals? Like the big spider, demon-bats or battering “rams” we can see in Conan Unconquered.

Placeable-wise I could see all kinds of items for mobile camps, more tent-like elements, battle standards (smaller and more pompous than the usual banners), floor-standing weapon racks, a war room/table with maps and accessories. The perfect opportunity to introduce more carpets/rugs/tapestries, maybe some chairs and divans with fur or textile throws over them. Lighting-wise I would opt for standing and hanging lanterns, as well as table ones – with glass shades as to not have open flames within tents. An armor rack would of course be perfect to park all the military gear; quivers for deco.

Not a horse-person myself but for out- and inside deco I could see a lot of cooler luggage for travelling, like leather coffers, various bags, rolled up carpets/textiles/leather. Maybe some saddles, stations for animals to rest/be fed. Some camp-style food would be cool as well (meat racks, roast hog, waterskins).


Or at least make them equal to serpentmen since those recipies are dirt cheap and easy to get.

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Right-angle triangular foundations/ceiling pieces !!!

Even if they did something like that (which they won’t), it wouldn’t be in a DLC but in core gameplay.

I know that I say this everytime but; some more Crom weapons and features. :mountain_snow:


Yeah that idea would be perfect if they were weapon skins… Atm they dont get touched as often because my weapons are stronger

Then you go on a private and use them as skins :slight_smile:

Hmmmm…well one DLC I would really want is a Shem based DLC since it would be nice for them to put in the shemite bow, since it is part of the lore and the longer range counter part to the accurate bossian bow lore wise as well it would add to Shemite characters and others.

I would want the ability to have thralls do emotes so my base could be roleplay friendly and not having fighters do that robotic generic stand

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I would like to see a Riddle of Steel 2 and 3 based on Conan the Destroyer based movie themed items and armor and 3 being based on Red Sonja items and armor


Hello everyone!
For the next dlc, blood and sand, I would like to see more “barbarian like” armors.
If FC sees this post , please just add the darfari’s skull torch and a fence, it would be marvelous!
May be a gladiator theme dlc ?
The fact that FC is adding short swords and that they were creating
a “fighter pit” placeable (removed after Riddle of Steel), it might be it?
If not, then darfari? stygian? Wait and see I guess…
Have a nice day!

Well I got the Savage Frontier pack only because of the Pet skins )) and I don’t like others.so,more pet skins )) that’s for sure))

Emotes as DLC? No thanks.this should be as general AI improvements.

Why all that speculation?

We know what these DLCs conist of by now.

There will be armors, weapons and building pieces, maybe placeables and petskins fitting acertain theme.

I was sincerly hoping for Stygia, but they said in the last dev-stream that i will not be based upon a race this time.

That and the additons of these PVP-flags with the same patch the DLC will come out strongly hint at a gladiator/arena theme, making Blood and Sand an analogy for the Spartacus series with that same name.

So to answer the question:
What I wanted: A Stygia themed DLC akin to the others already released.
What we will get: Gladiators most likely. (whitch the new short swords will fit very well btw)

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Hells yes, including incorporating the music somehow! Even just thinking of the opening music gives me chills…boom boomboomboom boom boom!

I would also really like a Cimmerian DLC pack. It is a Conan game after all. It would also offer some nice roleplaying possibilities for my other DLC wish further above.


I would also love some more Jewellery options. We can already craft Iron earings, bracelets, anklets and circlets. I would love to be able to create a Gold and Silver variant of each of these. But Im an absolute sucker for treasure and profiteering.


Unfortunately on stream they said that Red Sonya is a trade mark owned by someone else or something so we can’t have her or her dress (((( something like that

Maybe not Spartacus gladiator type, but more from the style of the montage from Conan the Barbarian where Conan was fighting in pit fights against other barbaric slaves?