What does 12600 Funcom Points(~$100 worth) get you in Nophex vouchers? here's my results!


I bought $99 Funcom points on a lark and thought I would share the results and give some feedback. My original goal was to try to get a Atrox Breed change for one of my characters through Nophex vouchers and if that didn’t work out I would just spend the last 2100 points on it but ended up with the breed change I wanted from box #3! So… I spent the rest of my points on vouchers out of curiosity and for my love of weirdo social clothing. Here are the results!

Character 1(nanomage male I wanted to change):

480 point Nophex Equipment Vouchers: (6)

Breed Change: Nanomage Male
Breed Change: Atrox
Yalmaha - 29500 - The Stiletto (nano)
Yalmaha XL - 29478 (nano)
Victory Points Package: 5,000
Victory Points Package: 10,000

360 point Nophex Vanity Voucher: (12)

Replica Armor Set: Pandemonium
Replica Armor Set: Omni-Med Battle Suit
Replica Armor Set: Superior Sentinel’s Set
Creepy Equine Mask - Black & White Edition * 2
Creepy Equine Mask
Horns of Bane
The Green Mankini * 2 (failed to receive 2nd, “You already have this unique item”) **
NipponTech Glowing Moon Pads * 2(one as Baseline Emotionlessness and other as pink) ***
Cube-Shaped Wen-Wen - Black

Character 2(alt)

480 point Nophex Equipment Vouchers: (3)

Victory Points Package: 100,000
Victory Points Package: 25,000
Victory Points Package: 25,000

360 point Nophex Vanity Voucher: (11)

Replica Armor Set: Pandemonium
Replica Armor Set: Omni-Med Battle Suit
Replica Armor Set: Superior Sentinel’s Set * 2
Replica Armor Set: Combined Scout’s
Replica Armor Set: Combined Officer’s
Replica Armor Set: Omni-Armed Forces
Replica Armor Set: ICC Peacekeeper
Horns of Bane
Ancient-Looking Wen-Wen - Black
Cube-Shaped Wen-Wen - Black

Feedback #1: So I got the breed change I wanted in my third box BUT my first box contained a breed change for my existing breed which I found really lame! There should be some kind of filter to NOT give you a breed change of your existing breed/gender that you can’t use in my opinion. I know RNG is RNG but it was lame either way.

Feedback #2: The chance to receive duplicate items is also pretty lame and actually kind of counter intuitive because it makes each voucher worth less and less, actually discouraging further voucher purchases.

Feedback #3: All the other social clothing I received allowed me to receive duplicates but the “Green Mankini” was UNIQUE so when I opened the second one it gave me “you already have this unique item” message and then gave me nothing at all which I think is even worse than duplicate items, opening a paid voucher and getting nothing at all!

Feedback #4: Wen-Wens should be wearable on either shoulder instead of always appearing over one. let us wear multiple wen-wens!

So while I got more than 12,600 points worth of ‘stuff’ from the equipment vouchers(the single 100,000 VP token I got was worth 17,280 points all by itself!!) and will likely buy more in the future I still think the vanity vouchers needs some tweaks, mainly to stop duplicate items and/or let you reroll or sell them and possible restrictions on what kind of breed changes you get(should not get breed change to your current breed/gender) and/or make the store bought breed change tokens tradable at some vendor for a few more funcom points or something. Out of all the vanity items I got I am MOST happy with the horse masks and mankini but wish I could send the extra ones I received to my alts instead of letting them rot away.

Feel free to disagree and/or post your own store experiences.

I always get duplicates that are lame. One char I got nothing but nodrop victory point packages.

Looking at the Nophex Equipment Voucher on aoitems, there’s a 95% chance to get an item from a particular set, and a 5% to get an item from another set.

I can’t tell from the hash which item has which chance, but my guess would be that breed changes and side changes are in the 5% group and nano cans are in the 95% group.

The Nophex Vanity Voucher seems to have an equal chance for any of its possible rewards.

Were all the items you got nodrop?

While I only opened 9 Equipment Vouchers, an admittedly small sample size, I bet you’re right about the breed changes/side changes being in the ‘rare’ 5% group since I got them roughly 10% of the time. However I received absolutely zero nano cans so I cannot comment on them being in the 95% group, they might be, but based on my experience I can’t say for sure. =p BUT the victory point packages are the most common item I received so they are definitely in that 95% group.

Yes, every single item, including the the VP points were all NO DROP. So zero resell potential.