What does my Barrer Thrall jump in and fight while my Fighter Thrall just stands there and other questions?


I’ve noticed that my Barrer Thralls are quite aggressive about attacking other NPCs but my fighter thralls don’t seem to want to get involved.

I just had a case where an NPC attacked me near my house right in front of a guard, who ignored the whole thing, while a Barrer who was some distance off ran to my defense and engaged the attacker with enthusiasm.

I’ve seen this kind of thing repeatedly.

Another question: Why do my Barrer Thralls keep falling through the floor of my house, the other thralls don’t do that? In the end I have to leave them all outside.

What it the difference between the Barrer Thralls and others beyond the fact that they are wearing a backpack? The can’t carry any more then any other thrall?

Why do some of them walk backwards and keep getting behind while other will jog along behind me?

Shouldn’t Barrer Thralls be able to carry more as their level goes up?

I’ve equipped mine with armor and a helm after finding the backpack or load made no difference.

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