What does the purge consider to be a base?

Like most people I have a main base and several outposts. Some of these outposts can be hard to get to in a hurry when a purge triggers. (mainly WoP, storage, and a workstation or two to repair gear) To make things easier just what does the purge consider to be a base? Does it require foundations and walls or does it trigger off of workstations and wheels of pain?

I play on PvE and the server is set up so no one but the item owner can access boxes, workstations, etc. So I am wondering if I can skip constructing a building and just drop workstations at these outposts and be safe from purge attacks on them.

My guess is anything that provides full shelter.

At least some foundations are enough.
I had to stack some foundation to get close to a star metal node (5 foundations and four ceilings).
I’ve got two purges, which attacked this “base”. :slight_smile:

I have had a 2 by 2set of foundations with no walls be the target of a purge. so I’m going to guess any more than 1 foundation.

It should be any player built structure.

For more info, see the Wiki

I’m sure this is the solution to your question :wink:

I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence or not, but recent purges only attack my northern bases, as opposed to my newbie base.

My wheel outposts at the Well of Skelos got attacked twice!
First time was a offline purge. They destroyed foundations in a straight line leading to the wheel, which they destroyed too, then the purge suddenly stopped… This was Frost Giants purge at the volcano, destroying T1 sandstone.

My base at the mounds has 5 vaults inside, and was purged once. Captured 5 Dalinsia Snowhunters… that’s all.

Purges seem to like targeting the most northern wheels and vaults.

Pretty sure they can purge anything, I have a 7foundations platform in the water and they try and purge it, even though my actuall base is right next to it on land, and yes it screws with the monster cause they spawn at the water edge and just walk back and forth along the water

Note: Northern Purges of the same level as their southern counterparts tend to be harder.
See https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/The_Purge#Purge_Difficulty

What the wiki says it should be and what actually happens is two different things. This is Funcom after all, just ask any Anarchy Online player about what should be and what actually happens in game. Hence why I’m asking if any one has any more detailed answers. So far it looks like any actually building pieces, (foundations, walls, etc) do get purged. Things like just a forge or workbench isn’t so clear.

It will become more clear and get actual information on the wiki once the purge has been fixed.
It has been said that they (used to) mostly focus on foundations and switch to thralls/player occasionally.

In my experience, it requires foundation structures. I had two huge bases in T1, River area and in T2, near New Asagarth. The purge happened in other places where I built some stairs and elevators. there were only two foundations and an elevator structure, but the purge still happened there.

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