What does this mean?

I tried to post a picture that a friend of mine showed me. That someone did something with his account. I can’t show you the screenshot thing that he gave me. He was telling me that he’s not allowed to question the mechanics on any of the games or ask questions because some moderator keeps trying to ban him for asking questions. And the screenshot said something about he’s not not allowed to question the moderator so how’s he supposed to get help if he’s not allowed to ask for help?

So what does this mean that like what’s the use of the forum kind of thing if no one can ask questions on how to fix things.

I’m not sure if it’s specific for various games or what but seriously though how is people supposed to find help when you can’t get help and somebody just is trying to like be discriminatory against him or something. He showed me for the past couple days and it sure seems like that. It sure looks like someone’s out to make his life miserable anyway I don’t know but it frustrates me too because he helps me out on other games and it’s all connected and related somehow.

I just don’t like seeing him upset. He’s my buddy after all and he’s been good to me so far and I known him but really long time well long as I’ve been alive anyway.

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Welcome to the Forum. If he is playing Conan-Exi he can come in and post a Zendesk report Zendesk Funcom. com now I am not saying your friends doing this but hate rage and admin bashing will not get any one heading in a positive place. @LootGoblin how about a explanation of what is happening. Is It official servers? The more information the better chance someone can help

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You need to be on Forum awhile before allowed to post pictures not long. Need to know that you are not a bot.

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Welcome to the forum, @LootGoblin!

What’s the history here exactly? It seems very odd that one of the moderators would demand someone to not ask questions.

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Well my buddy is a very strong world strong person considering help small he really is. He’s put up with and been through more things and being able to do things more than most bigger people could ever do in their lifetime. So he continues the same pattern no matter where he goes or what he does or whatever and it served him well while it’s served me well too which served everybody well. Anyway. He does hate stupidity he does hate bad things as everyone should. He hates it when he screws up and he’ll get on to himself for weeks until he make sure he’ll never do that thing again. Me I just don’t do much I collect loot that’s what I do. Just honesty is brutal but like he says if he didn’t care he wouldn’t waste his time saying something. Anyway I don’t get into the whole gossip thing either like he he don’t like it either. So we’ll have to ask him whenever he gets like back on or something.

He has said that the website help desk thing does not work right and I seen it it does not work right. You go to submit something but there’s no button to submit anything. It’s like it’s broken or doesn’t populate well or whatever the terminology is.

By the way he reminded me that I should say thank you for replying I need to get in the habit of that anyway I usually just say something to leave I need to be more like thankful. But I’m usually like well this is the most I’ve talked in a long time and maybe because I’ve been hiding away for so long I’m talking like a lot now.

Maybe I’m just compensating because I’m upset about my buddy. He’s pretty soft hearted so things bother him even though nobody knows it does but like some of us will work close to him can tell.

I think the first thing he asked about was how to make it rain, because he loves the rain then he probably talked about how the rain doesn’t make sense on this game anyway. Oh oh I should say something about that one game he has work the game mechanics are really really cool. The clothes get wet the water pools up and it runs off the surfaces and down into places it’s really really cool. I think it’s an old PlayStation game. It’s not a very big game it’s a bit linear but that part was really really neat.

I know lately he’s been talking about graphics issues and then stuff that he bought is no longer in his inventory or stuff he’s had to start the game like over 50 times because after an update things keep going missing or they bug out his character so bad or the game keeps crashing or I told him not to play that game. That’s why I don’t play it. But yeah thank you for like talking to me I appreciate it.

Okay thank you for like writing. He’s very blunt and very smart and he doesn’t hold back anything because he likes honesty so he’s very matter of fact and blunt and most people can’t handle that. Everybody walks around trying to be offended and he’s hardly ever offended because he knows how people are. Maybe that’s why I like him cuz he put us up with me.

I know I just talked about the rain and I know he must have said something about that at one point cuz he likes rain but then again he probably went into detail like I said about the other game like I just said. If he’s talking about something he’s usually very blunt and he knows what he’s talking about because he used to do game stuff before a lot of these game companies including this one was even a thing. He even worked with Microsoft and show them a thing or two. Like the guy who made age of empires he kind of accidentally showed him up didn’t mean to he was just being very matter of fact and blunt and the guy got mad and crossed his arms but didn’t say nothing because he couldn’t argue the point there was nothing to argue he was right but that’s how my buddy is when he’s right about something he’ll say something but he’s not he’ll shut up if he doesn’t know something he’ll bluntly tell you so it works out really good so that’s the history that I know I don’t get into detail about all that technical stuff that’s not my thing. I’m just a Loot goblin.

Although my buddy did say something about this game should have Luke goblin’s just for my benefit. That was kind of nice of him he tried to make something but none of the character things that spawn has like inventory exactly like bag holder people but they don’t look like goblins and you can’t change their height or nothing so what he did he was trying to make or find a NPC that looked like me but there ain’t none of those either. I ain’t that pretty

OK my friend friend what game are the two of you playing I am completely confused and what platform. Because this is not making sense. Do my best to help but need direction.

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And is this friend in the room with us right now?

Sounds like you’ve made an alt to keep making inflammatory posts after your first one got banned for making inflammatory posts


Let me guess… Is that friend by any chance @SirLOL …?


What a crazy text omg. doesnt mask the fact your “friend” and you are the same person lolz😁

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I think part of the confusion is, as @sestus2009 said, to inquire about a server suspension/ban, it must be done thru zendesk, and my understanding is that a suspension (which is temporary) will not get a response because it is temporary and they are not going to argue with him about it.

As to being forum banned/suspended, there is a rule in the forums to not discuss specific bans openly. So if he posts an open thread about a suspension/ban, the post will get removed eventually. There is also a rule against name and shame of people who play on servers (in the same vein, zendesk is used).

I can sympathize with being impatient and getting frustrated, but those are the rules.

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