What going on with this game? Why so many bugs, it's just unbearable

I have this issue there are no deer or birds in isle of sipath. There are just a bunch of bugs with this game. What’s going on? How can you guys even be working on a new survival game like Dune in which its loosely based of conan exiles if you have many issues with the current game. We probably won’t see the new dune game until like 3 years later probably when dune lost its hype. A lot of these updates are to improve the game but we still keep getting more bugs after that still need to be resolved. I’m not trying to be an impatient ■■■■■■■… but in this case I’ll make an exception. People are starting to get sick. I’m now looking out for blue protocol and another open world game called luminary… Idk about the rest of you but I know I’m not the only one feel this way.

Adding new content, or changing existing content always has a chance to bring new bugs

I personally think CE is a case of spaghetti code that is overly complex and loops back on itself. At a certain point it would be easier to start from scratch with a completely new base than to keep stacking more code on a shaky foundation

I also think Early Access tends to make games more buggy in the long run, as the game has to stay in a playable state throughout EA. This causes developers to code workarounds that players then become used to.

Things like the yellow lotus potion completely destroy the entire concept of character builds. Why balance builds if you can just respec at basically no cost except a small amount of time and annoyance.

But now people are used to the YLP and if you tried to get rid of it many would feel like they were behind punished

All this is my long winded way of saying that I doubt the many of the bugs will ever be ironed out.

They will keep focusing on adding content until their superiors decide to stop development, because bug fixes aren’t sexy and suits in an office want that dlc money.

I’d be willing to bet that the actual developers who work on the game would love more time and money to pour into bug fixes

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That’s fixed in test live I believe along with many others issues

No it’s not, someone posted a similar question about this issue and the mod ignasis was trying figure out what was going on… this was like two days ago I think.

If you have a particular bug you want to report, please use the appropriate reporting channel for bug reporting.

If you’re worried about Dune - well, the fact that Funcom can use an updated version of the game engine, and has several years’ worth experience in how not to do things in a survival game, there’s hope that Dune’ll be less buggy at launch.

If you just want to rant about the general state of the game, or advertise the products of other game companies, please reconsider your approach.


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