What happend with volatile gland drop rates?

Im lucky, still decent rates on PS4, guess I will focus on stupid farming and stockpile a tonne

What PVE? A mining simulator?

Planetside 2 has more PVE than this.



Just went hunting again the drop rate is pathetic still 300 lizard hide and 2 volatile glands. That’s way past a nerf its pretty well gone for pve.

You still get more than enough volatile gland from salamanders if you use good tools. If you spam the players with fire orbs, they make Dragon bombs and trebuchet needless.

Because of new players not to change/nerf something to get it right, isn’t a reason either. If this would be a vaiable reason, you never need to change anything, except doing a complete wipe everytime. More advanced clans and player always have the upper hand anyway.

I am using high grade tools and I am lucky if i see 2 glands per 300 hides each salamander gives about 48 hides with an obsidian knife with advanced tool upgrade. Like I said its not a nerf its pretty well removal of a mat that’s needed. And explosive jars suck to trigger on pve as well.

Not sure why they would nerf the rate since its needed to mine star metal. This gland drop rate sucks.

Well on my server i got a harvest multiplier of 2x. But still, if I harvest like 12 salamanders in jungle with my improved star metal axe i got like 40 glands which should be like 20 on your server rusulting in about 10 orbs. After like 30 minutes you can do an other run if its not sufficent. mushrooms for gas orbs are nearby, too. so you get enough mats with one run to make orbs for like 6-10 star metal nodes. Doesn’t sound bad to me. :sunglasses:

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I havnt found these salamanders yet,but by what you guys are saying they drop glands at a very good rate.Try farming npc’s or imps…now you have something to complain about lol…and you don’t NEED orbs for farming star metal, I find it much easier to make bombs for that…yea bombs fall over but all you need is a well placed foundation and walls/fences and your good.btw

official server for me- no use comparing private to official unless private are running vanilla settings.

Execpt double harvest and xp all settings are like official.

There is no double harvest rates on an official PVE server. Fast servers had that during EA its was taken away when the game went live.

Also you assume every salamander drops glands that is not the case its been nerfed badly.

Are you building a massive base? You’re not going from 30-60 making a black ice base.

sickel not knife

you need really less material with orbs than explosives, believe me, and no need to bother you with foundations and stuff. Mostly 3-4 orbs are enough if star-metal now debugged again. There lot of videos and treads about that. Orbs are the way, just learn to draw them correctly.

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So far they haven’t messed with drop rate on Xbox. I farmed 300 glands in 20 min last night going to farm a couple thousand tonight to put in safe keeping for later if needed.

@Vattende I haven’t found the holy grail of glands yet lol those jungle salamanders. I haven’t looked honestly. So till I do find them its definitely easier to use bombs.But when I do use orbs I usually use 3 tar orbs then 1 demon fire orb to crack them…definitely cheaper then bombs…I’m gonna have to go find them salamanders :wink:

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go east XD

You will found them, i don’t worry, enjoy your way, there is no need to rush ! :dragon_face:

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I usually get 0-4… Using acheronian pick.

Yes, they are not and therefore I wrote the settings are like official except double harvest and xp multis.
Furthermore I didn’t expect to get glands from every salamander. Where did you read this one? My figures drives from my experiences of multiple harvest runs there. Btw, they are conservative. So I can very well estimate how many galnds you can get on an official server.

Well that’s funny because more people on my server are saying they are lucky if the get two glands per 6 salamanders and the spawn rates on them have not been changed. On 1506 it seems the rates have been nerfed pretty badly.

Which also includes the volcano salamanders.