What happend with volatile gland drop rates?

Okay, today I had a bad run with only 34 glands after killing like 20 salamanders.

I’d be happy to even get that result. the drop rate would probably give me 6-8. on 1506.

Lol, so much people answer on my request :smiley: :smiley: funcom, look at this topic!!! :smiley: :smiley:

i was curious to see how hard this rate had been nerfed so i took my starmetal skinning knife an my starmetal sickle to give it a shot. (worth mentionning, with improved harvesting kit attached to these tools)

all first, 6 salamnders were harvested with the knife for a totally unsuccessfull harvest session allowing me to get 0 gland.

then i equiped my sickle since many on the forum advised us to use this tool.

1st salamander = 12 glands
2nd salamander = 0 glands
3rd = 2 + 8
4th = 10
5th = 10
6th = 10
7th = 0
8th = 0

So yes randomness is involved, but even if got very lucky here (i cannot know) it seems fair and certainly more appropriate compared to the hundreds of glands i would have gotten 2 months ago.

All of this was done SP with an increased x2 harvesting rate, so if you divide all these numbers by 2 you still end up with 26 volatile glands (probably even more if i had used the sickle from the begining) which should allow you to craft almost 10 fire orbs with a t3 alchemist and 13 orbs with a T4.

yes it’s not that much but still very reasonable in my eyes considering you could get approximately 10 starmetal nodes fully mined with this amount of orbs.

For me it’s ok, the current rate is balanced, but i know we are many different players here with different kind of playstyles and i’m fully aware i had very good tools here, so maybe a little increase in order to make the current rate 30 or 40 % stronger just to make most of us happy?

Did you try a skinning knife? That’s the tool I got the best results with.

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