What happened to being able to place thralls back into inventory bags?

Why was this taken out? all i see to be able to do is move them but only 1 at a time and if you missclick it will end up either being lost into oblivion or resetting back to where you originally put it. Very annoying. Dont have this issue for thralls placed on work tables only thralls you place around your base.

yeah…took a feature away for no reason…make sense

For the longest time, but that was before thralls could really follow you and fight for you. They were mostly placeables.

its was in from teh start of EA and right upto at least 6/7 mths before the game hit release as thats when i stopped playing. Before you could pick them up and place them back into your inventory, now you can only do that with thralls that work at a worktable (smelter, cook, alchemist, blacksmith, armoursmith, carpenter, taskmaster, tanner) but you can no longer do it for dancers, archers, fighters. These can only be moved or killed off and new ones found, thats dumb.

At time i would like to move my defences to outer walls (preferably when there is a siege or purge happening) after that i dont want them to shoot anyone and anything that gets too close so i would liek to move them away from my outer walls and back inside.

Either that or let people move close without getting shot, IF they attack it goes on your list (permanently or untill YOU remove it) so that thralls will attack/leave alone friendly/unfriendly targets.

I would also like to see an option for Guilds to be able to set upto 2 allied guilds.

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Rebagging unleashed active thralls was dropped when we gained thrall inventories and “commands.” At that patch.

Now we can make them follow, or move short distances. You can get really good at it after a while. Makes having company over a right pain.

I suggest finding permanent perches for them and leaving them there. I know you. Once you lose a thrall to falling you’ll never want to see it again. Moving thralls makes them re-enter the spongy environment, and can put them at risk. If they haven’t disappeared, sunk into tiles, jumped off ledges, wandered off or plain committed suicide you’ve really done very well. All humour aside, I suggest not moving them or upgrading tiles around them. If you are changing up to a new thrall, move the old one away, then repeat exactly what you did before, to place the new one. Good luck!

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You’re welcome.

For those who actually play on a server that uses Pippi, I discovered something that’s pretty nice regarding the /home feature.

One of the biggest pains about building a new base is leaving behind many of the thralls you do. I’m a slaver in these games, so many of the thralls I don’t care about and usually just replace. Every so often, though, I find a thrall that has the EXACT look I want and like, so I really don’t want to lose them.

Well, if you /sethome to your new base, return to your old base, tell the thrall to follow you and type /home to return back to your new place, the thrall that’s following you will teleport with you.

Now, that was 1 Pippi patch ago, so I don’t know if it still works, but it’s been a life-saver for me. Gotta use Pippi, though. XD

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