What happened to being anonymous on the players list?

Hey there! For a day, the day mounts came out, everyone’s names where blocked on the players list making everyone anonymous. That was awesome! It shortly reverted back and hasn’t fixed since.

Was it removed intentionally or can I look forward to seeing that return?

Problem with that is that even when the player list is anonymous you can still check who’s online using the steam view feature, so it wouldn’t accomplish much

Was removed to save Exiles from dying. For a while it was a feature 6 or 7 months ago, but everyone quit due to it actually being a PITA for most players. Never saw a game drop so fast.

? The patch from like two weeks ago?

People left the game because of the barrage of bugs and a major overhaul to the movement system. I’m talking about when you looked at the player list, it showed you a bunch of blank slates showing people where on but not who they were.

@Hugo was that feature removed on purpose or was that a bug that will be fixed at some point? I thought it was cool, and a great way to make people take risks.

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Where did you get your numbers ("… everyone quit". “Never saw a game drop so fast”)

This are the numbers from steamcharts for the last 12 months:



Thanks @mikelei . I’m not trying to open another “they killed the game” thread here, I just want to know if a feature I liked will return to the game. I get people are frustrated with change but let’s be realistic here, people will play the game until the next gen steals us all away to a new and brighter future and that’s assuming that Conan doesn’t come along for the ride.

That being said, does anybody remember that brief moment when we were all anonymous on the players list? I remember it being in the patch notes, being in the game, then just being off. I even looked at the settings (official pvp PS4) and it seems it should be on.

Paper never lies :rofl:

PS4 does not have Steam View.

I don’t think what you saw was a feature, what you saw was lag.

If your server is overloaded, or your internet connection is terrible (slow/packet loss), the game loads much much slower. The player list won’t populate right away, and can sometimes take 3-15 minutes to load.

I know this, because I have such a terrible internet connection.

No, when they first released the last patch, they added an admin option for player names on list. Some officials were bugged and defaulted to no names. they fixed the settings on those servers within a week. But their is an admin option to turn it off for privates.

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Ah ok. Darn, I was looking forward to it returning. Thanks!

I was hoping we would get it as well :frowning:

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Caouse it was a crappy ide, maybe some howe good for PVP but tereble for the sosial part, killing the chat when no one dear to chat!

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