What happened to double exp

taken from the one of the news funcom posted some time ago

Discounts and double XP
We’re going on sale this week! Conan Exiles will get a 40% discount on the Steam store as a part of the Steam Summer Sale. The same discount will also be available on the European PlayStation store as a Deal of the Week.

This weekend we’re also doing a double XP weekend across all our official servers. It will kick off at 5am local server time on Friday, June 22nd, and end Monday morning (June 25th), at 5am local server time, making this weekend the perfect time to jump back into Conan Exiles!

Yeah so what happened to that?

I was just thinking about this myself, I noticed I didn’t get any more xp than normal as well…thought it was just me but maybe not then!

Hey rancz and @Riganti,

Could you confirm that this issue has been occuring on Official servers?
For Riganti also: that this was occuring before 5am local server time (Tbh I don’t know myself if 5am local server time lines up with any timezone)

I do not see any other forum threads complaining about this.

Yes I was playing the official servers most of the weekend. I didn’t notice much change in the xp I was getting and it was only after the weekend I realised it was meant to be double xp.

Maybe I just didn’t do enough to take advantage of it I don’t know. I am not too bothered, just echoing the same experience as the OP

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