What happened to official server #3222 ps4

Is the server completely gone or has it just went down

Probably the same as PVE-C 1041, it’s been gone for almost an hour now, it will probably be back online again soon :slight_smile:
My biggest concern is that the server almost crash daily, and sometimes several times, it’s always been an unstable server, but lately things have gotten worse, maybe it is time to switch to a less crowded server :smile:

Let’s hope it is I mean if thay think off shuting servers then maybe shut 3215 thay right now currently has 0 players on it instead off shutting high pop servers

They are not shutting down servers, if that would ever happen then it would be announced, our server just lost connection and doesn’t show in server list which tells me that there’s likely a technical problem.
My biggest problem right now is that I was in encumbrance build moving a lot of stuff when it happened, well at least pvp time is over now, I have to get to bed soon gotta get up early for work, bu t I would really like to get to safety and dump the stuff in some chests before I shut down the computer.

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