What happens to my uploaded character if server transfer comes back on after 3.0?

My main character with most of the recipes was trapped in limbo before server transfers were suspended. Unfortunately they didn’t get it out before the cut off. I’m probably not the only person in this situation so:

Assuming server transfers are re-activated, if it is after the 3.0 update will I be able to download my character? What will happen to the perks since the system will be different? Will the accursed beserker she’s carrying be some sort of OP legacy thrall (heh) or be automatically converted once placed?

Or is this all too hard and I’ll just have to start a new character and get all the recipes again?

That character comes back as a demonic beast that the rest of us have to kill to learn sorcery.


It’s kind of fitting since this character is called “Savage Sorceress” and I used to deco my bases with bones and cauldrons and stuff… that’s what you get for trying to travel between worlds when you dont actually know any real sorcery :grin:


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