What happens to the thrall

I am playing the test live update 2.3. I see that my thrall attacking is not normal. Please check the video below.

As you can see in the video, my Dalinsia Snow hunter just does the first attack, she does not do the second or third or fourth attack. What is happening to her? Does anyone get the same situation?

Thrall attacking - Test Live

Not the test live server

Dalinsia prefers one handed weapons. Try a 1h sword or mace.

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Thank you. I have just re-updated the post.
In the second video, Dalinsia attacks perfectly.

Yup, its new. All the thralls have preferred weapons as of 2.3 They’ll perform combos with those weapons but not others.

:kissing_heart: Thank you so much for the information. I have used the mace for the Dalinsia, It works perfectly :smiley:

Thanks for your help.

damn it! thralls will be like that again :sob:

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SO HOW exactly do we know what weapons they prefer?

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they usually spawn in with it equiped in their hand ( when you place them down as thralls )

thats no useful, what can we tell about what weapon they were using when they got deployed 3 or 4 months ago?


well , or you test it out ( on single player spawning the ones you have put down already , or on your regular session , take a few weapons , go to a easy spot , and see how your thrall works with this or that weapon … ) , or you wait for a tutorial from somebody else , your choice :wink:

i have seem thralls with the same name, using a 2 handed mace , same name thrall using a 2 handed spear. that change will be pretty stupid if they dont add a preffered weapon infomration into the thralls,

besides its also stupid to do something like that, removing freedom from players. why they cant wear the weapon we as player choose?.

i do hope it is a bug. and not a nonsense ninja change done to the game


well if you look up the posts that’s marked as a solution , it is saying 2 handed vs 1 handed , not a specific type of weapon though :wink:

sorry still, if it was done on purpose that change will be idiotic. and why is it not in the patch notes?

I bet it wasn’t done in purpose exactly but was introduce with the sprint attacks being added to the pool of possible attacks ?!

if that is the case , it should be listed as , known issues section,. and i dont see it listed there either.

would love to hear official word on that, same as the extenct of the new settings in official servers ( the ones that destroy entire building if set to true.

Well maybe they don’t see it as an issue ? but your are right they should mentioned it somewhere !

on the setting about destruction … well you are 100% right , they spoke about it , but not with enough care I think … people think this will only apply to siptah servers … I can assure you they will activate it also on exiles … and since people might have bases ( from before some changes like warmaker dungeon and the hole area in front of it ( between the obelisk and the entrance of dungeon ) that was constructible , then became a non build area ) but since the feature of destroying base wasn’t there people that had “non-blocking” base built here could have kept it untill now … but it will be destroyed now once the setting is added and switched to true …

sadly they keep fkng it up with their communication, no clarity, nothing, i even asked over the stream and i think ignasis or someone from funcom said to check the official announcement, (over chat). but guess what, the annoucement does not say if CampCleanupDestroyFullBuilding will be enabled or not in official server.

and as for changes, without reporting those, funcom has a non stop history of doing it, (reason why i am asking if this is intended or a bug, and of course, i expect they will NEVER respond to that either)

@Multigun you said you have constant contact with them, please help find answers regarding this two issues, maybe they will tell you, please help.

in the stream they said it would be activated on officials ( they were speaking about the camps they are adding on siptah , and said that the reason for the event 2x harvest was because this setting will be activated , since "they don’t want people base blocking content or have npcs spawing in their base :slight_smile: " )

but the thing is as they were speking of siptah … they failed to mention that ( what I think ) they will also activate this setting on Exiles Land servers too

EnableBuildingDestructionCapsules=True/False they said in their official statement that this setting will be active in official servers, what it does is , it destroy anything in their influence. but only the offending pieces. nothing more.

CampCleanupDestroyFullBuilding they dont say if this will also be enable, logic dictates that if the first one is turned on, this should be turned off, but i am really not into taking chances with my logic, i rather have word from them confirming that this will be turned off. the reason behind it, if iactivated it will detroy the WHOLE building ID, it means everything even the parts that are not blocking or built in the no build zone, its a drastic measure, my concern is that you might find yourself with hidden foundations in the terrain, meaning if that hidden foundation is found inside the no build zone. will trigger the whole thing and blow everything up, due to a hidden foundation that player was unable to reach.

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oh my bad I get it now , yeah I wouldn’t want to take the risk either ! hope we can get an answer to that question ! i just redid 2 of my bases on siptah due to their proximity with npc camps , they weren’t very close to it , but since it’s a radius around them I wanted to be sure nothing was in potential range , but if because of a remaining (invisible underground) fundation that was left behind my hole base disapear , it could be pretty annoying