What have you done to the climbing?

I actually know what is wrong with climbing and it is not climbing. It is the terrain. Parts of it where built in layers and the places where you let got for seemingly no reason are the transition points between the layers. @Rayzur


I did get up to the back entrance of the ship where the chest is. (there’s a hook sword in there) You have to climb by the right of the chest almost the whole way. Then go left to chest, best to have lots of stamina.

Also I keep hearing what I assume is a parrot, one that is mocking you by making chicken noises. That was never there before lol.

I tried that (climbing to the right and/or left) several times and still fell off. Stamina I have enough…

The chicken noises are from one or two people near the back entrance inside the black galleon

Those were people? Well there are two guys right up there when you climb in ship from chest ledge, so that makes sense. I so wanted it to be a parrot XD

If you can’t get to the chest by climbing, you could always go in the ship normally and drop down to the chest ledge from inside the ship.

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