What i think is broken about conan exiles 3.0 worst update

So first off all magic magic is ok i wanted magic but as theres alot off bugs im going to list them so people know them and hopefully they get fixed so we start at 3.0 so we get new stats its well done apart from last stand very broken 95% less damage when u get to 50% so how is these broke say u play pvp at the top level and u come across 1 guy with 6people on him at sinkhole pvp area normally he 100% has a pvp or safe horse at the orblisk because last stand he will all ways run inside hes fob because he has last stand then we come in too the double jumping weight with laststand 20 20 20 double jumb and jumping with 800% overweight will kill any player with just 1tap on hes head ruined pvp then we get in to the recall body glitch which everyone is doing where u go over 100% weight drop something to go under 100% recall body then pick back up and its free no blood needed to recall ur body also this works with telporters and magic its self so 10 prople can bat on ur roof easyly as long as 1 person farms the magic things 1 time invincible golams from battle pass the unlimited zombie glitch and zombies ars so overpowered should be nurfed u can get 22k hp zombies 16k is average and fairly easy to get so now what if i have unlimited zombies and bat on ur roof and they talport inside ur base and i raid u ?

You need more “.” and “,” in your text. So many words and not even one punctuation mark.

It’s hard to read and understand what you are talking about.


Man, I can’t read that.

To the OP. if people have problems reading your post and making sense of them, your point will never be made.

I have to ask, is English your native language?


More? Any would’ve been easier. As it currently reads, it’s one long question. :joy:


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