What if levels only controlled Recipes

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This is basically a thinking out loud topic. What if when you logged in the very first time, you had the full 390 att points at your disposal. Leveling was for recipes (feat points) only. And the only way to get xp was to explore and find most of these recipes.

If you think about, we should be who we are. our str, vit, etc… is purely physical and should be who we are when we were on the cross. Surviving, in its most truest form, is learning about where you are. You may gains some slight changes in physical atts, but realistically, learning the ways of the land are the most dramatic changes to one.

This would also make it so all thralls are solely based on their tier for HP, not area. More emphasis could be done for buffing them, as in volcano thralls would get debuffed the colder the area is compared to the volcano. Animals would be balance out as well. Level 60’s would have equal issue farming any region, as would a level 1. This would get rid of the tedious level power grind as well. Obviously, pvp people would not go around needing all the recipes compared to RP/PVE type players. But the option would always be there. dungeons would be tiered based on the weapons you need, so it would not effect those as much. Running the new dungeon with an iron poniard would be suicide. But running Dreggs would require a steel sword at best.

I don’t see anything wrong with it in principle. Practically, it would require re-balancing the entire game, or else the majority of the initial content (newbie area, galleon, etc) would be trivial.

It makes sense that your character, who lived in a civilized world, would have been weaker before they got dropped in the exiled lands.

If they give you max stats then they should give you max level as well, but if they did start you at max level and stats, it should be limited to PVP servers only. The progression is part of the fun for PVE, and presumably PVE-C.

Exactly, and similarly it would make sense that getting imprisoned and tortured for who knows how long before ending up on the cross would weaken a person even further. The zero stats represent someone who has been brought to the brink of death.

If anything, it’d make more sense if we had some skills and knowledge based on our past lives, rather than starting with no skills at all.

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