What is BeastMaster Teimos Armor Set?

I am trying to figure out what armor set is BeastMaster Teimos wearing (before not after) you break him the Wheel of Pain. I know the helmet is the Headdress of Jhebbal Sag. The gloves look like Gauntlets of Brute/ Sobek Gloves and the same goes for boots (maybe). What is the rest of his get up tho? I can’t figure it out

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Think it might be Bear Shaman (except I just realised that’s a DLC amour) Kambujan Shaman is another possibility, can’t be certain because I’m relying on pics in the wiki page.

I checked the wiki page to and knocked him out in game to take a closer look but can’t figure it out. Anyone else reading this wanna try to take a guess at it?

You got the headress right. The gloves and boots are Sobek and the rest is kambujan shaman.


Yeah that’s it. Thanks a bunch. I can now dress my BeastMaster Teimos on in his native armor

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