What is funcom doing? last update messed everything up!

No one can find my unofficial dedicated server and it saying 9999 ping when I have people connect directly… You can only see official servers


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hi, we have been complaining to Funcom since patch june 16 that has messed all up but there is no reply. Thats what they care for us. Must be the chinese style from Tencent because in the old days funcom usually replied to our problems.

Tencent purchased Funcom to ramp up their efforts to build the multi-player Dune game. That tells me Dune is the priority for Tencent and CE is not a priority. Funcom is no longer in the picture, maybe by name, but not by decision making authority on moving the game forward. Then when Dune is built and a player base is built, Dune will become the next CE while Tencent and other developers like it work on the next big game. It is all about money and if games like CE use a purchasing model of purchase the game once with no monthly subscription fee, I don’t see a big incentive for game developers to maintain the game. Eventually the player base tapers off. I enjoy CE enough that I would be willing to pay monthly subscription fee like Blizzard does for WoW to ensure the game is properly maintained. Right now the only new income stream for CE are the DLCs. I am on an official CE server where the veteran base only logs in to refresh their buildings, while newer players are the majority. But they are on the game for less than a month and either stop playing the game or move to another server. The game content is not updated enough to keep it interesting for most. For example, I heard rumors of a new map, which would fulfill the interesting factor for a few months. Large clans on PVP servers are so bored that they make it miserable for any new players joining that server. I have resorted to building as I have experienced all the game has to offer at the moment after thousands of hours of game play. My two cents, Tencent. ha ha

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