What is game length and will there be DLC or expansions or

Normally I wait for a game to be release before buying it but the beta looks like it might be interested but so far there has been very little on the length of the game and if it has a strong narrative story. Also if additional content is added will it be in the form of mid content dlc or end of game extension (expansions) ?

Hey @noonehere!

The dev team over at The Bearded Ladies have said that they estimate the game to be about 15-20 hours, depending on which difficulty level you choose. :slight_smile:

Nothing has been announced in terms of DLC plans.

Thank you for the response.

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Only 15 - 20 hours ? I hoped more… Aniway, it will be great !

Perfect amount of time to me. I would purchase DLC if they do create it . Amazing game so far.

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killing 55lv dudes took me about 1h on normal… so you can make it harder for yourself xD

What 55L dudes? If you are referring to the ones at the front zone, how is that possible when you can’t damage them?

I went back and killed them later to get the Boomstick weapon out of the chest

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You can easily kill them around level 30. But you won’t find the grenade launcher in the chest anymore, that was apparently in there for the beta. Really didn’t need a third Boomstick at that point, though.

I beat on hard at 14 hours. AND I WANT MORe. WOnderful game!

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