What Is “Island Barber”?

Hello Exiles

So I was looking for a journey step reward when I came across a recipe called “Island Barber” sitting in Survivalist…

What the heck is this???

Honestly never saw it before. It is blank under the “teaches” section…so no info on what it does. is it an upcoming thing?

So weird.


Shhhhhhh… we must enjoy our tea leaves where we can find them…


I’d like to know what this is also. Thought maybe something added to the Orb of Nergal. Seems not.

Maybe a hairstyle bundle in the Bazaar?

Here’s hoping it will let you change the look of thralls… because you learn how to be a stylist.




That’d be awesome.


I’m afraid I have no idea what this is. Another chargeable item that FunCom implemented straight from a mod that does the same thing but better I presume.

Conan the barber.

Did you mean barbarian?

Did I stutter? Now pass me the Paul Mitchell.



Probably this is new faces and hair styles - but it didn’t work. Maybe requires siptah dlc? (dlc icon + island…).
There is some reddit post about new styles with Orb of Nergal but i cant see the difference

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hopefully we get more hairstyles

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In B4 y’all tell me about mods like I just started gaming yesterday, ok? I’m a proud PS5 “peasant”, ok? Thx.
Regarding emotes, hair-do’s (island or not) and other “cosmetic” alterations, I wish they’d just allow the thralls access to entire set of emotes!
That would be a nice start.
But while they’re at it, how about letting the thralls use all the darn furniture that I’ve spent (spent and/or wasted. Tow-MAY-toe/Tow-MAH-toe…) so much time, effort n resources making? eg stuff like letting em sit in chairs, or maybe let them use the siege cauldron in a purge? Ohhhh, how about thrall that opens/closes the drawbridge if you do the horn-call emote nearby? That would be really cool! Perhaps even some thrall only emotes? Like a barkeep washing mugs/pouring ale. Some serving wenches with trays of booze n food? Thralls either standing or seated that are drinking and cheering on the entertainers maybe? Hey, a bouncer that randomly throws one of the drunks out every now n then!
Why yes, I HAVE made a really awesome tavern on my solo game that currently looks lifeless! How did you know, lol.
For non-pub emotes, what about sentries that actually look like they’re alert, or soldiers that are training? Perhaps market vendors that be, uhh…vending? Stuff like that should just be for STARTERS! Taskmasters should whip thralls on the wheel (or the gibbet, or maybe even some cool new prisoner stocks n shackles? Either a guillotine/chopping block or a set of gallows (with executioners of course) for hanging Thralls you don’t want anymore? All of these would be sweet! Alchemists mixing stuff n coloured puffs of smoke n sparks appearing! Animated beast tamers/stable hands that keep their assigned animal automatically fed/watered AND give a temp buff when they’re activated by the player? Shoot, give us emplaced weapons like ballista, falling boulders and low level spellcasters (plus a buttload more types of traps) so that purges could be made into a full on tower/base defence mode/event?
Look, I’ll be honest. Idk jack about making games, so all this could be basic AF or a coding/animating nightmare, but what I DO know is that I’ve made some fuggin awesome fortresses, castles, medieval villages, army encampments, strip bars, cathedrals and yes, if course- a really awesome tavern for weary travellers, skeezy locals and questing adventurers…and sadly they all still feel kinda lifeless no matter how many props I decorate them with. Like a movie set or a fun park ride with crappy animatronics. Yes I want to customise my thralls, but not just their 'do, or the size of their bewbs! I’d like them to look like a natural part of the bases I spend (admittedly way too much) time making and looking actually “lived in”. Come on, Funcom. I’m one of those players that openly admits to having “whale-like” tendencies- I’m a comfortably well off adult who has waaay too much downtime thanks to getting injured at work and savings to waste! I’m happy to buy 99.9% of the crud in the bazaar (yes, there’s some crap in there that even I won’t pay for!) both for my own diorama building amusement, but more importantly, it allows my friends that I game with (including some which have much less disposable income than I do) to have the opportunity to use whatever weapon/armour/building style they want. I actually spend half my online time renovating other’s bases! Hell not just even my friends, anyone in the same server who asks me, really.
(I sure hope other more fortunate/financially irresponsible whale players are out there are doing this too!)
So dearest Funcom, plz note: I’m the kind of dumbass that WILL buy ALMOST any old crud you can think of to flog at your often questionable prices, ok? (though on behalf of everyone else, Y’all need to like HALVE your prices guys. SERIOUSLY! Everyone would buy way more if they weren’t so cost prohibitive!)
Im asking this because this game is what keeps me sane while I’m stuck at home, injured n bored AF for the next year at least and I’m in a rare position to allow for buying every shiny thing that this game throws at me. So if y’all do happen to read this my dear devs, know that if I’ll buy your mediocre stuff, I’d definitely be dumb enough to pay premium for the things that I’m actually after!

Fyi, the secret doors were a good start, but they either need to look identical to their non-secret versions or you gotta make some non secret versions. Cuz right now it’s like- “Oh look, there’s the crappy old regular cupboard standing next to the new n fancy ‘has a 100% chance of hiding a secret door in it’ type of cupboard! Hmmmm, which shall I check…”
Ok, my rant now be over.
Tho I am gonna paste this onto Funcom Conan forum too. May as well shout pointlessly into a 2nd void while I’m at it. Later, Master (De)Baters.


I’d say island barber may be the tea leaf you’re looking for!