What Is It With The Fog On The Series X?

Game mode: [ Single-player]
Type of issue: [Performance]
Server type: [PvE ]
Region: [ UK ]
Hardware: [ Series X ]

Bug Description:

Fog. Fog everywhere, looks like Turok on the N64. The draw distance is bad, very bad, looks like early morning mist, it looked better when I last played on the One X about six or seven months ago.

Expected Behavior:

Having a draw distance equal to the power of the console. Fully updated the game, bought the Isle of Siptah expansion and was expecting a lot better graphics considering it is X/S optimised.

Steps to Reproduce:

Load CE and despair when climbing a tall rock to gaze at the view.

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I have concluded the fog is an aesthetic decision made by funcom. Some people I talk to think it’s too much, myself included. While others seem to like it. Ideally, I am hoping they add a fog slider at some point.

I play on PC with the graphics maxed out. The Fortnitemares looked AMAZINGLY COOL at night with fog.

I will say though that I was definitely disadvantaged because my kids on their switches and my wife on her lower specced PC could see way farther because their settings were way lower, thus had less fog blocking their vision.

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