What is needed to buy exactly to have everything possible?

Hello, since i love this Game i would like to buy ALL possible DLC’s and Addons for it, to have everything and really everything, but since there is so much Stuff i got confused on what to buy and what i have already.

So could anyone please make a List of Addon’s/DLC’s for me which i would have to buy? - That would be awesome.

It is just to avoid buying Things double - or even triple Times by Accident…

BTW.: I do play on PC-Version.

Thanks in Advance!

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Steam won’t let you buy something you already own (as far as I know). So, you’ll be fine.


Thanks! But is there everything obtainable via Steam, or is there anything that only Collectors can get for Example? Because i want really everything. :smiley: :smiley:

Um, the Barbarian Edition had songs that came with it, along with Conan stories. All of which can be acquired elsewhere (Spotify, Dark Comics, etc). It no longer exists, you’d have to find a key somewhere that isn’t Steam, but I don’t really see a reason for it since it gives you nothing game wise and just about everything that came with it could be gotten elsewhere.

There’s also the Conan Atlantean Sword and Conan’s Royal Armor. Neither of those are available anymore either (they were Pre-Order bonuses). There are also far better weapons and armor (stat and look wise) in many of the DLC’s (Siptah has some gorgeous stuff, and a lot of it).

There is information on the Wiki about all of the above, so you can hit that up if you have specific questions about them.

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In steam go to the store page for the base game. Scroll down a bit and just under the editions and bundles and whatnot, there’s a section with the title “Content for this game.” Expand that and it will show every DLC and expansion available as well as an indicator in the form of a little blue bar on the left side of each showing which ones you’ve purchased. If you hover over one you own, that blue bar will expand and say “in library”. (There will be a white bar if one happens to be on your wish list.)

Another option is I notice there’s a “complete edition” bundle. If you add a bundle like that to your cart, Steam typically only adds the stuff you’re missing. Once in a while there’s a bundle where you can only purchase it as a gift if you already own something in it, but most of the time that’s an easy way to fill out your collection.

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Thanks for the Help yall!

If u want the armour and sword (pre orders) , let me know… I could hop in ur server and craft u some if i am provided by materials and time to lvl…

U will at least have em as collector items

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Good idea I have done that a few times for Ps4 players. At level 10 the sword comes in handy.

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