What is purpose of the "Owned" items tally on the clan tab?

What is the purpose of the “Owned Building Pieces” and the “Owned Placeable Items” tallies in the lower right corner of the Clan information tab/page ? Does it turn colors when you reach a limit ? Is the limit map grid specific ? I have tried to research it and it doesn’t seem to be map grid specific. I have played a looong time, but have left the game a few times over time to due to outside reasons so I might have missed the explanation(s) of these tallies.

Can someone please clue me in to what these are for ? Trivia perhaps or bragging rights ?


My guess is that at some point we may see some limits introduced but for now, these two are for information only.


First thing you have to do is measure. After you measure, you set your goals and metrics based on that. QMS 101

Agreed. How long has this tally been up in the game. I missed when it was added. Has there been any word on it being part of something bigger or advanced in the future ?

I think it’s for clan accounting purposes. Just no names of who took what.

Ah, gotcha.

If nothing else, its a tally that could be used for a mod that cared to use it for anything.

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