What is the actual effect of the new crafting system / How does it affect "old" items?

Hi guys!

So I read about that changes (patchnotes did not clearify anything for me) and watched a lot of videos.
But some simple questions are still open:

How does the new patch affekt our old legendary weapons and armor?
Are the old godbreaker sets on my thalls subpar from now on?
Do I have to craft new Telith’s Sorrows because the new ones are far better?
Why can’t I repair some of my flawless armor sets (suddenly I dont know how to do it any more)?

Sorry if i missed the answers in other threads but this patch really confuses me and I feel like it’s been communicated very poorly from funcom…

my question is about the lackeys we already have, do they randomly gain an ability or do we have to look for new ones?

Don’t take any of this as gospel, but I’ll do my best :wink:
Old legendary weapons and armor - should probably be unchanged (mostly these sorts of changes don’t seem to be retroactive, old versions of things that you already had usually seem to remain unchanged).

I don’t know with the Godbreaker stuff (since the ‘new’ of that seems to be changed) - probably the easiest way to find out would be to check the stats of a follower that’s wearing an old set - if they’re still getting +3 Str, +3 Ag (and +3 Grit, +3 Enc - but they don’t have those stats, so…) then it’s probably still working as it used to.

Telith’s Sorrow - probably, yeah. The old versions you already have will probably remain at the old stats, so if you want the new better versions you’ll probably need to craft a new one. (All my old ones are in an older game save, so I’ve got nothing to compare to, but just based on how these things usually work…)

Repairing flawless armor - as far as I know only repair kits will repair flawless or exceptional items from now on - it seems to be part of the move to phase them out of the game (flawless and exceptional items apparently have been removed from loot now with the latest patch). Basically, the new system has all armorers of all tiers providing some improvement to what is crafted, with t4 armorers making a version that is actually better than the old flawless, but all counting as one recipe to reduce menu clutter. (Depending on t4 armorer specialisation, the armor will have extra armor value, durability or reduced weight, and +10 to stat (or divided between stats) - all armorers provide small improvements in those areas, with the specialists provided a decent extra chunk of bonus to their one area.)

@Natan_c2 - As far as I know, existing t4 thralls should gain a specialisation. You should be able to tell whether they have by if there’s one of the new blue icons in the top left of the thrall icon.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

exactly , the patch don’t affect legendaries that you find since it’s only the benches ( there are a lot of new benches added to the game to divise the receipes for smaller crafting lists , look out for tinker’s table and tanners table , also to make even more smaller crafting list they removed the flawless and exceptionnals from the game , so yes from now on repair kit’s will be your only option ( but new armors crafted with T4’s will be better so you might want to swap )

the way it works is that the T1 workers will add a little bonus to dmg / durability / armor / weight , T2 will give a little more and so on to T4 , also as T4 have specialization in one of the above , the new items will indeed be better than old ones !

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