What is the best food for the volcano?

basically as the thread says.

I am playing on Age of Calamitous modded server and wearing flawless yamanti armour that gives +2 heat resist per piece and rank 3 temperature perk but all i can see from others posting around this some time ago is you need heat resistant food as well especially since the resistances perk got nerfed?

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I never bother with food going to the volcano. Armor alone can keep you from heatstroke. Now, you will be hot or extremely hot so you’ll consume water faster, but you could just bring some ice with you. Opposite the obby is a teleport cave to the mountains where some ice can be harvested.

thanks, not been there yet was planning next time i play, 50 purified waters and a stack of ice or 2 on the way should make me fine then.

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Getting the legendary shield called Mistmourn could also help :wink:

The volcano’s favorite food is High level thralls, Just lead them to the lava and you will greatly please the great Volcano spirit


Also the shield dropped from the scorpion queen has +3 heat resistance( and its not a random drop,thus u can aquire it at will and not randomly dropped), so its perfect for volcano. But any dlc heat resist armour should be more than enough… 50 purified water is perfect for almost anything and u won’ t need the ice … if u wanna take it a step further craft some ice tea which cools, and boosts hp regen(combined with some good food seriously heals u fast)…

ice, iced tea water, aloe soup and heat resist gears
medium acquilonian dlc ef gear , heavy chilled god breaker, light acquilonian DLC ef

mistmourne shield 4 bar heat resist

Never had a problem, bring some water bags and have a full set of heat armor (each piece giving +2 heat resistance) and you should be fine. Also bring a sandstorm mask, you will need it to get through some areas in the volcano.

“What is the best food for the volcano?” :thinking: Hmm… anything that burns? So he can poop it out as ash… :rofl:

i actually need spicy food in volcano xD

Well i will stick only to the food issue. But mu advise will go for frost areas too.
So the best foods for this areas are the ones that replace humidity too. I prefer the aloe soups, but if you are low level for stove, the steaks from yogs religion works the same too. This foods replace fully your hanger bar and a small amount of your humidity. But they have no temperature effects so…
For volcano you will carry with you ice. It works fantastic cooling you down and you will have no problem inside all the volcano even almost naked.
For the frost temple you need any spiced food, still because you loose humidity fast, fix and take some berry pulp too. Berry pulp replace your humidity without cooling you down.
Thats all mine, good game :+1:

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Ice is nice

Yamatai like you have and a couple of water-skins works for me. Have not found it a problem. The chilled godbreaker is nice but that’s like later in your character development.

I don’t find I need to use ice when I am in there.

the best food? nice armor for the flawless high heat and you won’t have to worry about what to eat

The best food for volcano: vitality 30 and flawless heat-resistant armor. Sprinkle a dash of Mistmourn for extra points :wink:

berry juice and water effects prolly still stack, i jist use ice like irl.

Best food for the volcano? Virgins, obviously…


Cant believe I missed that…

Gruel and water.

Best food for the Volcano hey…? Hmmm…I would have to say this guy:


And personally overseen by this guy…