What is the content of the new patch 29.5.19

It would be nice to know what the content of the new patch is, which was released today.

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Yeah I would like to know that too. Maybe Riddles of steel?

Donno iam at the college. Just got informed by my clan mates. Hope they corrected the altars and released the riddle of steel.

I just checked Twitter, and it seems we are getting riddles of steel. PS4 got it and it says shortly forXbox xbox


Yup agreed, statues and thrones are so useful when gods are disabled, cheaters undermesh, dupe god coins, get 50 in all stats, and bubbles are bugged along with shrines in general


I started the game now after downloading update, where I have built, my character does the falling animation and hovers just above ground. Great :(:disappointed_relieved:

idk, no scientific evidence to back this up, but it seems the wonderful rendering patch they had months ago has been affected somehow. Just seems to be reverting IMO

Hey everybody,

It’s the Riddle of Steel DLC.
You can read about it in its announcement here:

Apologies for the confusion.

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22gb download for a DLC pack haha thats mental

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I cant fint it in the xbox store


I wanted to get a jump on it and purchase the DLC while at work using the xbox app. When I’m in the Microsoft store, this DLC doesn’t show up. :sleepy:

The store listing is still pending certification. It’s in last stages, so we hope it will be available really soon.

Bouncing up and down in excitement…

Hello I would like to say that instead of putting out 22 gigabytes updates for dlcs can the meshing along with other bugs be fixed or worked on please


Still no music…


As we stated a few times, this patch is just to enable the DLC that was released on PC at the beginning of this month. The patch with fixes is still undergoing certification.

Thank you.

This was not clear for me, as yesterday people asked in every sub-thread for the content of this patch.
It would have been helpful if this would have been advertised more prominent & central.
So it was a bit confusing as in the forums nowhere was a thread with actual date that described clear what this patch contains.


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