What is the point of >T1 Building pieces in PvE?

Playing PvE on Siptah, which has no purges, and Maelstrom spawned monsters, that spawn on your base, and are able to take out multiple T3 building pieces in a single attack (why is this???) What’s the point? There’s no reason to spend 20 times the effort to make a T3 piece as opposed to a T1 piece when they both go down like a wet paper towel to the smallest attack.

This seems like a very severe flaw to the Isle of Siptah PvE gameplay.

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They look (way) better? But if you don’t care about that, it’s obviously not much of an argument.

Strict gameplay-wise, there doesn’t seem to be any difference in PvE/PvE-C gameplay, but then that was always the case unless you played in a clan or otherwise farmed like crazy to get Purged.


I wonder why people spam T1 in PvE anyway, like they create gigantic boxes out of T1 with the design of a person with a very shaky hand… and on the most random paces covering large amounts of water lakes (like they don’t care about other players or them ruining the eye candy).

Now that out and off topic I reply to the post:

T1 is intended for early game, your first tiny base, or to make a layout for your base, some people just don’t seem to care about the progression made in the building system.

Since there no purges I kind of agree not seeing the point of building higher tier if the player really dont care about building.

I have n’t tryed T3 inside the Maelstrom… since it damages the building over time anyway… and it annoys me to go around with my repair hammer every day to fix stuff…

It is insane that the mobs deal this amount of damage you claim they do against T3, I did nt even know till now!

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the maelstrom damages building over time. monsters spawned there are kinda OP at the moment so if you wanna build inside the storm go for T1 or 2

to answer the last line there. its not perfect but when should a survival game become somewhat easy? :thinking:

I wonder why people spam T1 in PvE anyway

Me too. I’ve made a 8x8 low profile T3 base in a nice scenery on Siptah in PvE-C, and then some dude came and decided, that his base needs 12 foundation high T1 wall, that runs through entire visible area. He made sure that the shape is uneven and makes no sense. There is no building damage on this server, and no amount of resources requires this much space, so the sole purpose of his creation is to obscure the view and block the path. I don’t get it.

As for the reason to build T3, there is none. Just cosmetic. The map sucks at giving you incentive to do anything really. The only reason to get T4 thralls or T3 buildings is because you can.


Sadly yes… players need 20x20x20 bases for 3-5 furnaces lol… (we all know they don’t but it happens all the time anyway)

However this is an official server… and we can’t do anything about it… but I still prefer official over the admin power of abuse and the question “for how long will this server be up”.

I think we are still allowed to complain about it anyway haha

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Well you need a big house so people cant gasbomb you when you are in the house, spec when you are offline and sleaping. Gasbombs go thrue walls you know!

True that, which is lame
Wonder how hard it is to add a buff to shelter making you imune to gas inside a player building


This is why I built on a cliff side facing the ocean - no view blockers ! Well, that and I always wanted to do a hanging house, but the ‘lol we just spawn inside!’ Purge mechanic held me back…


Would not a sandstorm mask fix that? I am on ps4 so not much knowledge of new map.

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I made the suggestion before for Rifts (Siptah Purges) that happen regardless if you play or not, it continously increases your chance of one happening.

I feel Siptah is really lacking Purges, or a base defense mechanic.

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While I agree in principle, I’d rather go without one than with something half-baked like Purges - notably (as written above), if the “Purge” can just circumvent any defenses you build by spawning in the middle of your base, there seems little point.

And I do understand the monumental difficulty of designing a system that works with the truly remarkable freedom CE’s building system gives us! But when the two designs clash (which is inevitable), I’ll always prefer the “freedom to build” to win out.


You can build a pillar with a ceiling and standing underneath it will give you the house buf. I wouldn’t call that a house and you shouldn’t be immune having that type of bulding.
A better sollution would be to have a line of sight mechanic that can tell if the player is in the line of sight of the gas/acid cloud.

They can add a purge bar on Siptah and have wild surges spawn around your base. This would add a reason for building T3 as well as more horrizontal progression to the game, having yet another way to get T4. Or better yet, have a small cloud over your base, shooting lightning at your base and spawning thralls.


Without purges you mean?


Also, when you’re levelling up they were a good way to get some free levels. The journey steps + the exp from crafting them was nice.

But now levelling is super easy and I find myself sticking with flotsam because I like it.

Exactly and there shouldn’t be a mechanic to force you to change it because you must if you don’t want to be obliterated. There should be an option for those who want tower defense to build in the storm and enjoy that type of mechanic. However, I suppose the devs made the storm so punishing to keep the center of the map clean. What we really need is a land claim mechanic that counters the building spam so that we can have other nice things.


Early on, I used to hate that the DLC was all T3 because it was so hard for me to attain the materials. Now that I know my way around them, it’s not that hard but it took me a while to ever get a T3 piece crafted. T2 was buildable.

I think the flotsam set was sorely needed for players to get away from that sandstone look. I’m glad they added a T1 set, I think it’s one of the best features of Siptah.

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True. While I understand the reasons for DLC always being T3, I don’t always agree with them - so it was a nice change of pace to see a T1 set added at long last.

Though it appears there are some technical difficulties with the upgrade path (Floatsam can only upgrade to Stormglass), which is a real fly in the ointment. Difficulties that are (apparently) not trivial to solve (as per Ignasis’ response to the bug report).

That’s weird, it upgrading only to stormglass… I don’t understand what makes it different… I can say that there seems to be a lot more going on under the hood with the new tile sets. Maybe they are using different phasing of these tiles into the game world as opposed to the old sets. That’s why you can’t upgrade, it can’t read it properly using the old code.

Sounds like they changed the format somehow. I’m not a tech person.

On the bright side… if your structure won’t crash when you remove a piece, at least you get some resources back. I don’t remember if you get refunded when you simply upgrade the tile directly. I usually upgrade using E > destroy tile.

You can’t downgrade from T3 to T1, and sometimes I change my mind about how I want stuff to look. I don’t remember if you can go from one T3 to a different T3. I don’t think you can do that either. So I’m used to destroying pieces and upgrading by putting the same piece from a different set in its place. We have so many T3 DLCs.

But sandstone was always a cheap way to “see” how the structure would look before you committed to a higher grade of materials. That’s always been the advantage for me. It’s a little more tedious to remove them by hand, but at least you don’t have to wait for the debris to clear before you snap something else in.


I don’t know the nitty-gritty details either, but I know enough to say that it’s entirely possible for that to be the case.

You don’t. So if you can dismantle and then replace, that’s superior - but only if it doesn’t bring your structure crashing down in the meantime! Also, the dismantle value of T1 is negligible (even T2 is questionable once you get to T3) so it’s rarely worth it. Unless you have no alternative.

And since Sandstone is still upgradeable to everything, including Stormglass, that’ll still be my “testing” material of choice.

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