What is the point of the voidforged bow, change its mechanic instead or remove it. It should not remain as is

Ok seriously if ripping is gone give it something else becasue the bow is worthless compared to anything with similar damage, if your going to take away a big part of a weapon maybe replace it with something else instwad of just “up effect is gone here ya go”

Getting tired of take take take from the players. Give us back something for it…….or you know what, remove the bow

If its not gonna get a new effect it has no place on game period

I honestly never want to see the voidforged bow ever again if its just gonna be a crappy bow with no effect or even stat boost

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An other unique feature of the game is gone probably for ever.

But hey! It’s easier to delete elements of the game than fine-tuning it!

I mean sure, you can live without it, can use other weapons, BUT what is the point to introduce new, cool mechanics and just remove them? It makes the game dull, not exciting and diverse.

Yea it was definently a cool features, i think they should just make the bow have the headshot perk instead of nothing

Watch out what you are wishing for (Doom and Act of violence :wink: )!

Actually, the Voidforge bow is pretty high on damage, in itself, that makes a good bow.

I don’t think there are more than one or two bows that are that high in damage that are not Legendary and it is not a huge cost in materials to make it. In fact, does anyone know of a crafted bow with damage higher? I am not able to go looking up the stats of bows right now, but I can’t think of one. Maybe some bows are near it with damage, but offer perks for abilities. Craft it with an Edgesmith Carpenter and drop a Master Weapon Fitting on it and you have a bow that kicks butt.

Am I incorrect?

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