What is the point to have a 10 min timer on HK

When you don’t have enough loots to launch it twice an hour ?

Sure the guys in charge of math loots hates us. But why ?

I imagine to limit the number of fights you can do per summon to 1…given the droprates for cosmetics I am happy I got most before the patch.

In a week most players will have there shems/ everything they need from the hourly raid and then you will see HK spawns fall off the map.

it seems you are confusing shems and shards

No, the supply of shards will dry up once people no longer have a reason to fight the hourly golems.

Nope I’m not. 15char

Without a 10 minute timer:

  1. Finish HK
  2. MU on someone in another instance
  3. Do another HK
  4. Repeat ad nauseum

10 minute timer is basically a speed bump.

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you totaly miss it, but i guess it’s how you always do.
on sunday, there are top max two hk per hour due to the rate of blue shards loot. far far less than ad nauseaum.

I think the real reason for the cooldown is so that people who would normally camp the portal between golem windows have to sit some out and give others a chance to join.

Doesn’t HK just spawn new instances as long as you enter in the open phase until everyone has an instance?