What is the size of Siptah?

Unfortunately I’ve had a very busy week, so I’m not up to date on all the news concerning Siptah. I did see the announcement and I absolutely LOVED it. It is truly everything I hoped for and I’m really looking forward to a new adventure in CE.

Since I’m not up to date I was wondering if you guys could fill me in on something. Do we know how big the map is going to be? I mean: will it be the same size as the Exiled Lands?

I love the Exiled lands, but one issue I had with the map is that there is way too much territory that is not suitable for building. I’ve played on quite a number of servers and bases build in the snow were very rare. Large portions of the swungle were also rarely used because it was just too crowded with NPC’s. I’m not complaining - I’m just making an observation. If Siptah is just as big as the Exiled Lands it could could still be bigger because there is more space available.

Exploring is one of my favorite pursuits in the game, so that’s why I ask.

Hasn’t been revealed yet. Some German magazine speculated it was 75% the size of the Exile Lands, but that hasn’t been confirmed at all. There will be a live stream in 6 hours where more information will be made available.


we’ll probably get those kind of answers during livestream

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Awesome, wasn’t aware of the livestream. Tnx guys.

My estimate - about the same size as CE 2017 map + Volcano area (without Frozen North and Jungle biomes).

But because of the new thrall acquiring mechanic build able space will roughly be the same

Hey there,

This will likely be revealed during the dev stream as mentioned. You can find it here:

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The question was answered during the livestream. Siptah will be 75% in size of the Exiled Lands map.

I’ll use this thread to ask the question since it is similar enough. How much HDD space will the new map take up on top of the original game??

I have CE on my SSD, but my SSD is almost out of free space. Everything else I put on my other drive so CE can have all the space it needs to load/run smoothly. I also have a lot of games as well as files saved on my other drive, so it’s free space is getting low. Depending on how much space this map will need will determine if I even want to get it. I really don’t feel like playing the video game shuffle between my drives just to play the new map.

I believe the update was 120 gig

but there is time and hope.


After talking for several days with modders after the stream.There is very good news.

Before i start i want make something very clear. Whether maps should be connected or not is a matter of personal opinion. No need to fight over the connection beeing good or bad.

It is possible to connect both maps while beeing run on seperate servers simultaneously.

Resources ,recipes ,levels and armor can be transferred between the 2 maps.Even the color of your characters hair will be possible.(Everything in short)

There are a few things that aren’t possible for now:
(Who knows what they can come up with in the future?)

-Dragging a thrall
-Riding a horse / A thrall following you.(pick up mods can deal with that)
-When a player who looted a DLC item from a enemy player jumps in between 2 maps.
If the player who doesn’t have the DLC for that item, arrives in the new map. This item will
not be returned to the players inventory.(There are ways to compensate for this but it requires work to
keep this “portal” up to date.)

It makes total sense why they wouldn’t make this feature standard.Now everyone has the freedom of choice to either:

-Run both maps seperate.
-Run both maps connected.
-Admins from different servers can now team up to run 2 different maps while beeing connected.
-Admins can run and connect 2 of the same maps to wage war between 2 servers.
-Story lines currently running in the old map can be expanded to the new map or visa versa.

People/Admins who have worked for years on their base/server do not have to lose all that work.

People/Admins who currently don’t have the financial means to buy the new map or rent a second server can stay on their current server and continue playing the game.
Without beeing demoralized or fearful that their admin/players will wipe/leave the server for a run in the new map.(That’s off course only if you can convince your admin to rent a 2nd server or wait until he has the money to rent a 2nd server to run the map seperate or connect it to the old one.)

Yes,some friendships will break and some servers will lose a big % of their players due to admins personal choices/limitations but the players/admins who really care will bring up the patience, wait and not lose 1000’s of hours of work in the old map.

The only reason i made this post, is to give more communities and friendships that currently exist in Conan exiles a better chance and hope to survive this new map launch.

Plz, be patient and talk to your admin or players about this.

Thank You.

120Gb on top of the 80Gb already eaten up, or when all is said and done it’s 120Gb total??

I dont know.Its a big map Im not a computer man.i only heard the update was 120 gig.Its probably around 70 gig

i just saw on the page steam that you need 27 gig availeble storage space.

After uninstalling/reinstalling the game, after this recent update, my Conan folder now eats up 105Gb.

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