What is the storyline in Isle of Siptah?

I’ve spent several hours exploring, but I still have no clue what I’m supposed to be accomplishing here. I’ve built a residence, added most of the workshop items, just got to the level allowing Hardened steel Stuff, and now I am trying to figure out what I’m supposed to be working towards. I am currently on single player mode. I have no interest in any kind of a multi-player experience.


This is a survival game, so there’s not a quest-line to follow. It’s a “choose your own adventure” game. Since you are on Siptah, have you done any of the vaults? Get Thralls to help you explore/craft? Done the Grey Ones pools? Summon a Surge?

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If you look around you will find a few NPC that will talk to you, most teach you emotes. You will also find bases and tunnels with “end boss” level creatures inside them. Beyond that the idea is to build, Minecraft style a civilization, while maxing out your tech tree. That said, tere is a Pippi\Mushi mod on STEAM that will also allow you to setup markets, NPC’s, write dialog, etc. Then it also becomes possible to multi-play adventures diablo style, or manage whole campaigns speaking as NPC with your friends and play it D&D tabletop style.

Stick to what you know. You’re clearly describing Exiled Lands and not Siptah.

On Siptah, you will find exactly one NPC that will talk to you, and exactly none that will teach you emotes (though the one that talks to you will buy those Scout Reports for 25 gold coins each.) The “bases” might or might not have something that could be construed as “end bosses”, but the “tunnels”, or “vaults” are not intended to be end-game.

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From what I see, Siptah is turning more and more into the extended workbench for Exiled Lands. Go there, get the recipes, farm Eld and hop back to Exiled. More and more people run around in Exiled with Siptah gear

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