What is the sum of 200% faster?

So I have a named taskmaster I thought 200% faster meant a 3rd of the time taken in the wheel of pain but I swear it is taking longer.

92,920 seconds devided by 3 is 30,973 seconds rounded down. Which is 8.6 hours. I set the wheel at about 2:30 last night it is now 11:43 and it is still not done. Nearly done but not quiet.

Is this breaking time exact or just a ball park figure.

Or have I got the sum completely wrong and its not dvided by 3?

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200% means twice as fast or in other words half the amount of time.

So what is 100% faster?


Some types of thralls do take longer than others even with a named task master.

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Where are you playing?
Offline - The wheel stops when you are not playing
Official server - The wheel keeps going at 1.0 rate
Private server - Check with the admin on the rate multiplyer

Now, what level is your task master?
the Wiki should show the crafting time per each level.

For example a T4 thrall, with no task master, would take 25+ hours on official. Then the time goes down from there depending on the taskmaster level.

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Correct. 200% faster means 3 times as fast (100% + 200% = 300%), which means 1/3 of the time for the same thrall.

A couple of things might have happened:

  • Did your wheel run out of food? If it runs out of food, the taming process pauses until you put more food in.
  • Did the server go down and stay down for a while? Check the event log. If the “server stopped” and “server started” are far apart, that would explain it.
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Ahh yes it must have been the server down it actually did go down I didn’t realise that effects the time

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Yeah, the game keeps track of elapsed time while running. It won’t read the system clock and compare times, because system clock can be set to any time, by anything that has permissions, for any number of reasons. Think about what daylight savings time would do to the game if it did that :slight_smile:


Good thing I am not your accountant…haha

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