What is the weapon on video

What is the weapon on the 0:43 in the video, where player toss the ground

do not know. Have not had that happen. The only thing it could be if it is an exploit, is somehow they got the Mammoths stomp???
Have you went thru all the weapons on the PS4 solo (admin) to see if any you don’t recognize are listed?

Here is the screen grabs i could get.

Possible exploit???

PS4 for tag, so no mods.

Is this private or official server?

Looks like Crom’s Warhammer (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Crom’s_Hammer).

How he managed to get thrown up like that is beyond me

Looks like it’s not 3088, it’s private PS4 server

If private, then it may be an admin spawned weapon not in the officials. I would have to go thru all non game weapons to see if any have this attack.

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