What is this lag? ping? low fps?

Game mode: [Online | pvp official server]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [any region]

[ ps4 freeze every 1 or 3 seconds can’t join any official server LATAM eu America Oceania. can’t create a character can’t walk can’t move camera,
it freezes everything every 2 seconds with a duration of 4 seconds, I can play normal for 2 seconds and it repeats infinitely the freeze thing… idk if server lag ping rendering issue or what, I can play without issues in unofficial servers, only some work, in others the same thing happens freeze every 2 seconds
I have 2 videos and this forum says that I can not place links -_-…
I have no problem in other games…


Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.i search a server
2. I join server, everything loading
3.when I finally join, this lag like 1/2 fps every 2 seconds in character creation menu, walking or playing or anything…
4.i can’t join any official server, I just can join in official servers just a few, others happen same things

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youtu. be/NxxelmRVHlY


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