What is your greatest achievement so far?

Vanilla: my 9 win streak in our server arena felt pretty good.

Modded: Learning how to use Pippi. Making quests, warps, kits, it makes you able to build so many amazing things to your players, truly one amazing mod that takes a lot to learn and master (i’m still a beginner).


You sound like someone that would have loads of fun plaing rimworld

Removing the bracelet, and being free of the Exiled lands.

On my first playthrough, this felt like a true accomplishment, all Journey Steps completed, and I was now free of the lands. And in the process was able to sleep again for a few weeks till I started to grind away again :stuck_out_tongue:

After that, probably my base right outside the Cave of Degenerates. PvE server. It was pretty huge, enough to rival some of the clan bases around… People on the server were curious how much sleep I had lost to build all that on my own :smiley: Im sure I have a screenshot somewhere if I can find it.

Suffice to say it doesn’t exist anymore. I got too much into mod solo play that every server I had build things on saw it all to scraps. And I wasnt even mad, maybe that was a great achievement too :stuck_out_tongue: To feel content in having played and enjoyed in those servers and not worry about losing it all :slight_smile:


Looking forward to this!

Agreed. The journey taken to achieve greatness is always what brings most memories, i think.

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my biggest win was to continue playing conan despite the huge problems facing this game. an arduous undertaking :ridendo: :ridendo: :ridendo:


I made a game inside the game, people had to jump from a high place into a little building with a hole in the roof without dying… the height was pretty much letal, and the only way to avoid dying was to land in a specific place in the building. Basically it was an exploit, but i wasn’t using it to gain anything, just to have fun by jumping without dying. i loved to watch random people giving it a try, i called it “The Leap”.


Getting my wife and kid into the game, starting our own server, and going on family raids for fun.


I ate Conan.

At my age? A regular bowel movement.

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Got drunk on ale, then on a dare got naked, found a boss Rock Dog in the middle of the night and punched it without dying. That was one of the greatest moments of my life… or so i’m told.


Creating the perfect method for building a vertical lift station that is impossible for raiders to use against you ;).

Finishing off toxic runners with bombs.

It was such a satisfaction.

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Well, I dug deep (I make it sound like I done coding to unveil the secrets of my past, lol, I simply went to my Steam screenshots :stuck_out_tongue:) and this is the best I could find… Shame really I don’t have some of the more finished results screenshotted. I have no idea why. Maybe because I was also using screenshots in discord at a point so, its all over the place.

Here goes:

These two are the latest ones I could find. That little tower you see in the back is where the map room was, I went on to completing that, and that tall tower at the top (that tall singular rectangle there) ended up being a large foundation large enough to hold on it a tier 3 shrine of mitra (all Aquilonian) that connected to the Aquilonian base you see under that. So, it kinda went twice as high after that.

This here was the south entrance to the base from the river. I wanted it to be open (PvE server) so people could easily walk though and not be an obstruction. Those towers are the spots I am standing on in the first 2 screenshots.

And this is what the other side looks like standing from the base.This was during a PC upgrade too so some screenshots are less quality.

The real bummer is that I also cant seem to find any shots of the north entrance, which had another red Dragon head on it (that was a fun trophy, me and some old timer on the server done like a 3hr boss run and that was my trophy for it all to mount it on that wall :slight_smile:)

This is the best shot I could find, which is quite early, that at least shows (at the right) that something is being built there. lol

Man, should of made a video of this base :frowning:
Looking back at it now, it was so much fun.

Maybe I can find some other screenshots at some point in discord, if I am lucky. This is the best I can do for now.


On #1111 PVP. When one of the Russian clans with a huge base on H5 had a falling out one of the members had stolen all the gear and mats and demolished the pillar base.

I found that stash and the hidden base of the other Russian clan on the server. Not having the mats and gear to raid both bases I got in touch with the German clan on the server, we wiped all the Russians on the server in two afternoons getting all their gear and mats. I joined the Germans, had fun made friends. All because I did proper scouting and kept alert in the public chat.


Not putting my keyboard through my screen every time i run into an age old and unfixed bug.


on the bright side, you developed some self control xD

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These stories are the best! Using diplomacy to find allies in order to defeat someone else, what an epic feat :smiley:

I love the way you built your towers. i’m not very good at building, gonna try replicating yours :slight_smile:



You’re a barbarian after my own heart! I love the area around Batsy because it lends itself to Community development. What you did with that Aquilonian cliffside platform is just wonderful.

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This is far the best achievement here :+1:. I am really happy for you, honestly.