What kind of content do people want to see?

i’m interested in making some AO videos and am curious what people want to see.

what kind of videos are most interesting to you?

pvp - (towers, duels, battlestation)
tutorials - (twinking, how to play a prof, encounter guides)
challenges - this one is more interesting to me personally. could be something like specifically creating a toon for a task (make a level 40 that can solo azzy selfed), and there could be a time limit like the toon has to be done within 24h of being rolled. or it could be group challenges like kill beast with no perks (prob easy but you get the idea) endgame solo challenges have been done into the ground so im not as interested in those.

if theres specific types of video content you’d like to see please leave a reply, I’m very interested to see what the community wants

@enfohip I’ve been thinking for a while now …

Hardly to think of anything challenging these days …

for me personally I like watching duel videos and exposing exploiters

Other than that … maybe we could set up a weekend day where we could all pvp in BS without 4 caps or leveling dailies. Set up an universal time on Saturday or Sunday and just fight like in old days - then you could maybe video it or stream it?


I’m always down for watching PvP content. Towers and city kinda zerg fests right now so not that interesting to watch unless there good fair fights. Pre-scheduled PvP tourney or BS would be fun as well but BS you always have random pvmers who will ruin it with 4 caps.

So my vote would be duels or pre scheduled miners team PvP or something of the sorts. Twinking videos are are very informative as well. Especially tl1-tl3 which your a master of.