What makes a good server?

What’s the basis i need to have a fun server running?
I’d never played on private servers, there’s a few available on my region but some are pay to win and that puts me off.
So i want to set up my own and i wanted your help to do so. I have the skills but never done it
What mods do i need? where can i find a good guide?
What would be your ideal server?
Thanks in advance and if there’s more info you need from me please just ask.

The best answer to most of your questions are already know to you. You just have to dig down ask yourself those questions.

I played on a few different servers and found things that I liked and things that I did not like.

Mods are going to follow after you answer the question about what kind of server YOU fnd fun to play on. Will it be PVP (Player vs Player) or will it be PVE (Player vs Environment). WIll it be RP (Role playing) or will it not, or will be be a hybrid? Do you want quests? Do you want lot of personalization?

Answer those questions and what mods to use will naturally follow. Start with Pippi, as an admin it is possible to run a server without pippi, but it’s like running a car without turn signals, lights, windshield wipers, radio, seats, power brakes, power steering, power windows, working doors. You get the idea.

Check out the admins united discord forum for lots of resources and help.

As for pay to win, I don’t think I’ve seen any servers that are setup that way, but I certainly wouldn’t play on one like that. There are servers that accept donations. I do on mine, only due to a popular demand and it’s strictly voluntary. No one gets anything special for a donation aside from a special color added to their discord and in game chat color (From pippi).

If you’re not sure what makes a good server, you should play on a few more servers and see what best suits you and what you will feel best about.


Simple, same as officials for the settings but … with an admin to prevent abuse, cheating, …
And some events every fews days.
Fews or no mods.
No stupids rules.
Good hardware, fast server.

What are your region, EU?

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You don’t really need any mods, but Pippi will be a blessing to you as an admin, and LBPR (Less Building Placement Restrictions) will be a blessing to your players.

Generally, when I’m picking a private server to play on, I look for ones that have few mods. The more mods you have, the more likely it is that a future update will be a serious problem for you.

This is a tough question to answer. Because what you consider good, might be different than what others do.

For example, someone might think having a large playerbase is good. Others may want a closerknit smaller community.

But at the end of the day, if you want to make a good server, in principles that everyone can agree on, follow this philosophy:

“If you won’t do it for a stranger, then don’t do it for yourself or your friends.”

Fairness will help keep the drama down.

This and for some reason has to be added to the Filter cateogry “Official” because if its not, players would rather quit the game then adjust their perception of choosing non-official server with same settings just with active admin.


That in itself is crazy.

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thanks for all the answers. I’ve installed pippi into my server for the time being while i get to know more stuff, if people start joining i’ll start working with them about what they want to see on the server. I have to dig more into what each mod does. Pippi is gonna have my hands full for at least a few weeks it seems as it’s a whole beast.
The main issue i have right now is that my server its listed but with ping 9999 and when its tried to access it gets into the loading screen forever. It’s a known issue that i didnt find an anwser yet. Will changing OS from windows to linux maybe will fix this and give some perfomance enhancement to my server?. Im running it in a i7 with 4gbram

im from South America

I wanna stay away from PVP for a while since its inevitable that you get a little bit more of toxic players. so im playing PVE-C, i’ve never tried to roleplay so i have no idea if i like that yet, i saw a lot GTAV streams but i don’t know if its my thing. The thing with the pay to win server are that you donate and they give you a bunch of stuff also its on portuguese wich i rather not try to speak.


that’s tranlates to around 18$ and they give you 3 legendary weapons, 3 armors, 3 named thralls then 1000 of several contructions materials and 10000 of raw materials, lol.
The sad thing is that it’s almost the only private server with a healthy population

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Make it as close to vanilla as possible with some QoL improvements, pippi and lbpr are great mods. You can add some extras like emberlight or something that adds more items to find, but is not really necessary.
For me, a PvE-C server would be ideal, with 24/7 pvp time but not building damage. Building Restrictions to avoid the abuse of the claim system is something that i crave for, and something that has taken me away from official servers.
Exp rates no more than x2 are good for me. Normal crafting times, normal Combat values.
No free items, No help from admins other than issues with other players.
I don’t mind the admins playing themselves, if they don’t abuse their power of course.

And of course, nearby to me, so i can play with a decent ping, lol.

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