What matters most to xbox community?

Please pick the one option that matters to you most, as an xbox player. Please just xbox users.

What do xbox players want most?
  • Stability
  • New game mechanics
  • New maps
  • New dlc reskins

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Can I vote for 2?

Apologies, just one vote per voter. This isnt the American Presidential Election…lol


As Ps4 user, I’m on cross balance between stability, (which it needs badly) and New items.

Not so much DLC… but Pig on roast, food on plates, placeable trees, changing thralls outfits on crafting tables etc.

Or even all race dancer outfit dlc giggty

But are kinda differnt department thou. I don’t expect the gal/guy art department peeps to be in coding room. =p Or person doing textures to know anying of 1’s and 0’s.

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I def want stability but also fix current game mechanics

Should have been added to Voting also. As the Voting Option is not there i went with Stability.

It has been so long since i have actually done anything in game, that i forgot there was things to do. Forgot about the performance/reliability of game mechanics, i apologize for omitting that choice and making it unavailable to you to convey your top priority accurately. I attempted to add it in response to your post. But the forum does not allow polls to be edited after 5 minutes from OP timestamps. Apologies again.

Stability is a step a forward :wink:

I am amazed that only so few players even voted…

I guess not many Console players lurk around this forum.

There has been a decline in the xbox community recently, almost like the players of CE are giving up. I feel, strongly, that the last 6 months has seen alot of players stop refreshing builds. There arrives a time when all the CE bugs just get to be too much for alot of players.

I feel badly for any player that purchased CE in the past 6 months, at least the players that came before them got to enjoy CE when it was playable. I can only imagine the limited experience of a newer player; must be fustrating.


Refreshing to keep poll active.

The problem is that all these issues exist and all of them are critical. When a supposedly good developer cannot even delivery a stable game 2 years after early access and are charging real world money for a product that is barely playable… something is wrong.
In order to have stability, do we have to give up on any better game mechanics? NPCs that do not look and act like they are having seizures? NPCs that fall thru the floor? Janky combat and oh wait… when the DLC comes to console, you get to lose that fortress you spent the last few years perfecting and expanding… just make the worthless ‘bracelet quest’ give you access to the Siptah content (yeah u still have to buy it) via a portal at chaosmouth while allowing you to port back to your CE empire. cmon - i can think of better ideas in 2 minutes after an afternoon of heavy drinking than these guys push out in a year.

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My horse is too fast for the rendering. We often get to see the bottom of mountains :horse::fallen_leaf::earth_americas:

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