What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


While alike, I think both Red and Blue make it pretty clear that they (Or others in their faction) are more then capable to make your life miserable if you don’t comply. (And tbh, so does Mr. Green.)
They’re your boss for a reason.

Sorry. Forgot this is kind of a spoiler.


An area along the Anglo-Scottish border, where the Seelie and Unseelie Courts have become engaged in battle. The zone would be split in two (one side England the other Scotland) and would feature as oppponent groups on the England side: the Duergar, Brag, and Barghest. On the Scotland side: the Sluagh, Caointeach, and the Fuath. Shared between both sides would be the murderous Redcaps, and the Eachy. The England side of the zone would also feature the giant Jack-in-Irons as a world boss, while the Scotland side would have Nicnevin, the diabolical Queen of the Fairies. In addition to members of the Seelie Court, our other ally in the general area would be the dwarf known as the Brown Man of the Muirs; an associate of the more malevolent Simonside Dwarfs, or Duergar, and their leader Roarie.


They already dropped the ball on tanking to the point where you’re better off doing it in your DPS set with AA shifted to tank. All you need is tank weapons and the that one really matters is already a popular dps weapon and you can have a green 1 in the offhand that is only really used for cooldowns, HOW MUCH MORE INCENTIVE DO YOU NEED?

The future of PvP in SWL

People don’t like the perceived responsibility of tanking in my experience. They don’t want to be the one blamed when things go south. But yeah, anyone and their mom can tank in terms of gear in this game right now. Zero specialization required. I REALLY wish they’d let us know if this will continue to be the case or if they’re going to readjust tanking and healing so my glyphs don’t stay in limbo forever.


Why I hung up my tank set at this point. I put tanking glyphs into it and threat is not sustainable at high e-levels without the extra crit/crit damage. If they did make efforts to fix it I’m honestly half expecting them to FUNCOM it and make sustain tanking unviable in new content (like Squiddy Friend in MFB of old) while still leaving is as the more or less enforced meta in current content (DPS checks, which is mostly HR being the big enforcer.)

The future of PvP in SWL

Agartha Public Raid enhancements.

More bosses, and more deadly mechanics for entire raid.
…perhaps bring in MegaBoss versions of Shadow of Depravity, The Idolater, Duneback, Red Revere and Vulkan etc.

Environmental elements consistent with the summoning essence? Like the swl Hel or Jack fights.
One best parts of fighting giant monsters in tsw was doing it on their home turf.


I use all tanking glyphs and have no trouble holding aggro most of the time up to E10/DPS with ipowers of 1300+. Really bursty DPS like AR can sometimes cause an aggro yank, especially if they get a lucky crit streak. I can hold against 22k dps mainly by moving my AA to ~85% tank.

The only fight where I find holding aggro is a problem is the last boss of Darkness War. I do not think the tank’s “extra hate” damage gets buffed by the same damage buff the regular DPS get so it does not scale up as rapidly as the DPS. I have to turn my slider down to 35-40% to hold against that same 22k dude with the buff in that fight.


Sorry for the horribly inaccurate post. I did not want to suggest one in South Africa because they might prefer Congo but naturally any Egypt dungeons are out of the question. So, my new elite dungeon request above should read “a new (elite) dungeon in South Africa, Congo or some other distinctly non Egyptian location”.


Mini dungeons for all the previous zones would be nice, similar to the Penthouse from TSW. That way we can revisit the story without having to run missions that aren’t really worth high level players time.


At first I would love to get our “Old” Content back like in TSW that means:

  • Missing Dungeons : Hell Fallen, Slaughterhouse, Facility, MFA, MFB
  • Missing Raids: Flappy and Eidolon
  • Missing Group Scenarios
  • Missing PvP Battlefields Fusang and Eldorado!!!
  • Missing Aux Weapons (miss my Flamethrower *cry)
    That all would help to spend more time in game cause ever and ever and ever same 5
    dungeons is frustrating and the missing Content would help a lot to kill time…

New Things! I would like to see…

  • South Africa Dungeon
  • South African Lair
  • More Story Content with legends, achievments and so on
  • New Raid maybe like the Hatekeeper Event in TSW
  • New Megabosses
  • Some more new Scenarios on other zones like a tokio and a south african one
  • More Group Content General
  • A black pug as pet :smiley:
  • Free Rewards at Dungeons, Scenarios, Lairs, Regionals and Worldbosses (NO KEYS)
    instead of it a 8h cd for non Patrons on dungeons, Scenarios and lairs
  • Make dungeons and Scenarios selectable instead of random cause ist frustrating to get ever and ever and ever the same dungeon although ist random
  • I would like to see what I am selling in AH if i look for it, with my Price and when it expires like in TSW
  • If you choose private Team for dungeon or something else it would be nice if the Group would not dissolve after that . If I wanna leave a Group I can do it by my own :wink:
  • Release new Content more regularly

Thats for now :smiley:


Heres the work done for you:
As it stands the current population of people who have visited this thread and commented are 178 users.
Within that 178 i have counted the “mentions” or “Requests” for their respective interests of what they would like to see NEW in SWL - and when i say NEW i agree with @withoutscratch when he said this:

So with that in mind - The top comments and requests are as follows

Group Content in the form of Raids/Dungeons etc - 65
PVP - 44
Player Housing - 24
Weapon abilities/AUX - 20
All things/content from TSW - 19
Scenarios - 19
Story content - 16
RP - 7
Solo capability - 5

That brings a total of 219 suggestions from players (alot of people requested more than one thing - i guess it’s up to the Dev team to decide from each individual post - what the posters main request is from the list given)

Other notable mentions were adjustments to Alt friendliness from banks, non patrons and cabals

Faction specific missions also featured quite heavily as did character creation and personalization.

The subject of meaningful progression with examples given of “Council of Venice certification”, AEGIS and Orochi Tower and 10k Kills - is highlighted very well IMO - reminding us that the reason for Scenarios was to prepare us for tokyo, creating viable working builds etc - I am fully aware that scenarios were rewoekd by your good self, but i must stress - these scenarios are indeed a shadow of their former selves.

Along with the many reasons as to why group content in all its forms - be it dungeons, raids, PVP, scenarios, mega bosses or lairs - make up the back bone of the community, as they are the ones who stick around the longest when all the story content is done. Whether it be grouping up for missions or RP - that is also, to me, classed as group capability. You would do well to remember that the game has many levels of communities and to cater to all as best you can - is a way forward and a way to make a successful game well recieved by everyone.

The more things you cut out and leave out of SWL, the more you cut off the communities as a whole.
The more options you offer to the community - the more players join and will stay.
There are indeed some very relevant concerns over the ease at which things are obtained and scaling being way off to a point that the majority of content has been made far too easy. Again this would fall into “meaningful progression”

There was only one suggestion of being able to skip ALL content and go direct to SA with an option to redo content at another time.

other mentions also included:
More Events
TAB targeting to be an option in game, as having reticle as the only form of targeting, doesn’t work as intended, nor is viable as the only option - esp since we can remap a key to be able to use “TAB” as tabbing to a defensive target in large groups, as i have done for using in world boss fights - (even tho sometimes it cycles through all players around you - rather than the one you are looking at) - i feel TAB targeting should be re-introduced as i have screenshots of my own char - shooting THROUGH bosses to ones behind them, and i have no way of being able to force the reticle to target the boss standing in front of the one i am shooting at - proves for me at least - that reticle does not work at all.
More updated fashion and hair - ESPECIALLY more ethnic options for hair, braided, afro, hair wraps and scarves and many mentions for the tattoo parlour, hair lengths, beards and please can we have the pencil moustache back?
Agro mechanics need addressed along with “The Holy Trinity” to remain a constant for dungeons/raiding etc
Concerns over the tiering system in a low population game have also been mentioned along with the return of NM mob areas in each zone.

TBH - i have absolutely NO IDEA why many, many things were removed or not reintroduced by now because taking things away like that just miffs people and you don’t want a miffed community - they are your bread and butter.

Personally, whoever created this needs hired by FunCom IMMEDIATELY

Odd requests were:
Sidecars for pets
one person wanted to just watch cutscenes
one person wanted bagpipes
What is project E.X.O.D.U.S?
one person thinks group content is scaring everyone away
and one person wants a pet Tilty so they can fight it.

Exclusive items are nice - but excluding portions of the community is not - so ALL TSW Exclusive items should be available in some form to new players - we may be walking adverts for clothing, hair, pets etc - but what use are they to funcom now, if new players can not obtain them?
More communication is needed in the respect of plans for SWL so the community can engage with the Devs, raodmaps, letters from the team, blogs to follow etc.

Story is great - no doubt about it - but group content in all its forms - needs to have as many options as possible.
Group content in all its forms (Dungeons, Raids, PVP, Scenarios, Lairs, RP etc) with the majority of players who have come to comment with their suggestions standing at a collective 135 - reigns supreme -
The community as a whole, has spoken.
I look forward to these in the future then :smiley:


The future of PvP in SWL

+1 very nice summary. Thank-you for taking the time to put this together.


Witchingbones works for Funcom!


Really? WTH?


The Unkindness outfit was created by her. Pretty sure some other outfits were too. I believe she’s on Conan Exiles, but I’m not positive.


She needs kidnapped. Sick of Assets from TSW/SWL going to other games when THIS game NEEDS people like her. The unkindness outfit was also great.
Dayum you FunCom - Share the love will ya :frowning:


As much as this is coined a shared world whatever it is - the instancing contradicts that and so does the tiering system and lack of group content - because its clear that the community WANT to share their time with others in game more than anything else.
However that may be.


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! We have read through the entire thread, and wow that was a lot!

I wish I could take the time to respond to every single suggestion. Sadly doing that would take so long, I wouldn’t be able to work on content for the next update, and it would be late… :sob:

We’ll be all these suggestions in mind while planning out new (and possibly revitalized old) content.

Thanks again!


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