What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


I think my suggestions while varied never changed in goal:
Polishing up on existing content, missions and mechanics with low effort QoL changes to raise player retention as a counterbalance to new storycontent.
New stuff is cool but one has to get people to there first and it feels the unpolished feel of some corners and the grumpy getting endgame community with their pledges for more endgame scare away quite a decent bunch of players/customers for the game.

From a developing standpoint you guys at funcom showed that you are well aware of how to make content with limited resources and allocate people in mostly reasonable ways but that is not how players tick. We are people that are not seeing the larger picture but “feel” when things don’t play smoot or elements of a game don’t role from the hand.

Which doesn’t mean I hate you guys or even think that you do a bad job. No you guys do a great job but that their is a disconnect between the dev team and the player population when it comes to quality of life improvements.

If I sound harsh or even judgemental that is not my goal. My goal is to speak my mind with not holding back and putting the cards on the table. I know I can see things wrong or just having one of my not so great days but it neither suits me nor is it I believe productive to talk around the issue to not step on toes.



Please bring back the dungeons and raids from TSW!

Facility, Slaughethouse, Hell Fallen, Manufactory, Manufactory: Breached and Penthouse as well as Eidolon and Birb of Zero point Flapsies!

Also, I am in LOVE with the story content turned into challenging group content and without spoilers I can’t say much but MORE of Penthouse would be amazing. SAF has many opportunities like that (One Flew Over, wink wing nudge nudge).

In brief, more group content so we do not feel like there is nothing to do please!



The ONE thing I want to see added is some actual alt-friendliness, including but not limited to an account bank and account bound agent booster drops.

The latter would be a compromise that would let Funcom mostly stick by the weird ‘Aurum purchase acquired agents must be as worthless as possible’ dogma while still showing there’s at least a shred of willingness to be customer friendly left.


I would love to hear more voice actors, specially those with deeper voices like the character Octavian, for a AAA name James Marsters would be great, for someone less known that I love Trendane Sparks who is an amazing voice actor both for storytelling and roleplay. George Ledoux is also a good option. (I know they would be interested in doing something as well as they are game voice actors)


1: New Elite Dungeons (Running the same 5 dungeons over and over gets old after a while)
2: New Raids (Only have one single raid to do once per week does not make for good end game)
3: New Scenarios (Running the same 3 scenarios over and over gets boring fast, especially since scenarios are boring to begin with)
4: Re-vamp the elite levels. 10 levels of elite dungeon modes segregates the community too much. Maybe if the game had 10million active players 10 levels of elite wouldn’t be so bad, but with the community as small as it is, the extreme segregation hurts.
5: PVP Modes. (Capture the Flag but with flair (See Huttball in SWTOR), Point Control(See Arathi Basin in WoW), Moba Style(see the 10v10 Revelation Online PVP mode, Castle Siege(See Corsairs Stronghold in Tera). Sucessful long term MMO’s all have some form of PvP (WoW, FFXIV, GW2, Tera, SWTOR, ESO, etc, etc) The reason is because a mature game needs a variety of things for people to do at end game. This keeps them interested and keeps them playing. (See points 1-3)

I would personally rather see the above 5 points addressed before any new story content is added to the game. Story is great but it takes a few hours to complete, then you are back to doing end game content again. Lets expand that end game content to make it more interesting and give it more options!


Heh. Well, in a dream-body sliders and more options for how our chars actually look. (I know that’s difficult, if not impossible, without a major overhaul, so…)

More Faction-related stories would be good. Really delve deep into whoever we’ve sided with, you know?


I get a feeling there will be a lot of “everything TSW had returned” which I totally agree with. GIEF HELL FALLEN ;_; Manufactory as at least story mode, the story in there needs to be seen!

One thing I really, really want, though, is better support for roleplay. The ability to select defensive targets in mouse mode with a click of the mouse. Player housing! (Take a shot :smiley: ) A way to flag characters as RP so we can very easily spot each other, since we don’t have RP servers now. More emotes, emotes that can be used with another player, like dancing together or hugs or stuff like that. Roleplayers are here, but SWL’s UI frustrates us!

I take for granted that “new story” is on the list, but yes I want that too.


I also want to see a return of Facility, Slaughterhouse, Hell Fallen, Manufactory A and B, and the remaining two Nightmare raids from the Secret World. All these (except Facility) were among my favorite end-game encounters. I was disappointed when Funcom felt the need to put them on the back burner, even though I understand that producing new story content was a higher priority.


My wishlist includes:

  1. Challenging solo endgame with meaningful repeatable rewards (shards, distillates, items), maybe hard mode versions of existing maps?
  2. Auxiliary Weapons, new weapons, etc.
  3. Meaningful build choices, like were present in TSW with passives providing benefits across different weapon types. Right now, weapons all feel very samey.
  4. Account bank
  5. Account based cosmetic rewards
  6. More scenarios
  7. Last, but not least… more content!



In my case would love a zone based on Canadian and Quebec legends so wendigos,sasquatchs,the corriveau and other like these.It’s mostly because it’s my own country.So it would be a mix of canadian legends and autochtones myths.


Also, we need PvP, It is a cheap source of extremely replable player generated end-game content. All long lasting popular game that don’t need to massively develop new content are PvP.

-We need a pvp mode as a stable income-

PvP. I want to see some actual PvP content that has enough of a reward to get others to play.

Right now PvP is non-existent in the game. There’s only 2 sources of PvP but they are unused because:

  1. Shambala: no one has even bothered to queue for Shambala for months now. You can log on, queue up, and wait for 8 hours with no queue pop. This is because the main reward from Shamabala is anima shards, which are kind of irrelevant after the buff to them a few months ago.

Shambala rewards need to be updated to make it worthwhile for people to do. Add some actual distils to the reward bag, higher XP depending on win/lose. Chance for an Agent drop would be nice, even if it’s small. Also perhaps incorporate some PvP kills into daily challenges to encouage more to queue up for PvP.

  1. Seoul Fight Club: having to first zone into Seoul and then into the Fight Club means no one is there. No one is gonna bother going through 2 loading screens (and having to run through Seoul) just to get to the fight club. There needs to be a direct portal to it from Agartha, or even a direct teleport from the menu.

Would also help to add some kind of reward for PvPing in there. Either some kind of quest for PvP kills, or if PvP kills are baked into daily challenges then that should also encourage people to go there.

And finally, more PvP zones. There’s still El Dorado and Fusang from TSW that haven’t been added to this version yet. Would like to see those with some compelling rewards that make people want to queue for them.



I have three things that I really would like to see:

  1. While I never did the dungeons in TSW, especially those like Manufactory (nor am I dungeon person in SWL either) …I heard there is vital or important story in the Manufactory dungeons and I feel like it might be a good idea to at least find a way to either bring back Manufactory or create a mini storyline that has us experience that content.

  2. I’d like to see the game be more alt-friendly. In TSW I was able to mail items from my main to my alts like weapons which helped significantly in having my other characters go through content and I’d love that in SWL as well. Like even just making a bank space that was avaliable to all characters on your account would be great.

  3. Finally, as someone who is almost ridiculously into fashion I’d love to see more hairstyles, particularly longer hairstyles for females. Shoulder length hair ain’t long enough my dudes make it longer!! And it’d be also cool to see more curly hairstyles as well.


2)The return of the Nightmare Areas.
4)The return of high level Council Of Venice Missions.
6) A new Aux Weapon system.
8)What happened to Cassie King?
10)A raid on The Hive to rescue captive Bees.
12)The chance to join The Swarm (possibly tieing into #10).
14)E.X.O.D.U.S. (come to think of it, this should probably be higher on the list).
15)And last but not least, i would kind of like them to maybe consider the possibility of reintroducing my favorite PvP Battlefield, Fusang Prefecture. No pressure though.


One of the biggest differences I have felt in new releases in SWL versus early TSW is a lack of the feeling of meaningful progression. As much as we griped about the amount of time it took, the grind to get Venice certification, to upgrade AEGIS and fully explore the Orochi Tower gave us a goal and something to work towards.

Some may roll their eyes seeing this, but to me the problem with these systems wasn’t their existence so much as the amount of time they had to last being drawn out over an extremely extended time-frame. Something that was probably planned to keep us busy for a few months was stretched to last years and the goalposts were moved to make the grind almost painful to many people.

But on the other hand what we have now in SWL is the opposite. When Tokyo was released I went through and did all the missions and then it was time to wait. There was nothing to do until the Tower opened aside from the same few dungeon/raid instances over and over again and doing missions for the unexciting challenge journal.

When Orochi Tower was implemented going through every floor was a way to guarantee we’d see them all true, but it was also such a soul-crushing slog that by the time I finished it I had zero urge to ever replay that again. As opposed to TSW where the quasi-random nature of the tower meant I kept running and rerunning the content for months.

Even the shipping containers in Tokyo Harbour in SWL after like 2 days I had gotten a bunch of yellow gadgets so I just stopped doing them, where they were useful to gather all the way till the end of TSW.

I had hoped with DotML launched that something would be set up to extend the gameplay. Something to keep us busy. But no it was 3-6 hours of content and then the option to replay the missions again for a new currency (what happened to limiting currencies?) to buy an extremely limited selection of cosmetic items. What was the “hook” that would keep me playing after the first run through?

That is the main thing I would like to see. I mean I want content, I want new stories, I want new missions, raids, dungeons, cinematics voice acting, all that good stuff. But none of that really matters if every time there’s a content release I log on and play for 6 hours and am basically then done for another 9 months.


Plain and simple:

PVP! … Not Shambala, REAL PVP! (My favourite would be Fusang)

What “Real PVP” is about:

  • Fighting, dying, respawning(!) and repeating that within a longer battle like in Stonehenge/ED/Fusang to complete one or more objectives to win a match (no “(Team-) Deathmatch”-Stuff!) or within a persistent PVP-Area (only Fusang)

  • That also includes tactics and objectives like attacking, defending, holding and conquering like in ED/Fusang.

  • Also including the possibility to play PVP as an alternate progression-path ( rewarding Gear(-bags), XP(!), shards ) instead of other Endgame content.

Shambala simply does not meet these criteria.


Thanks for asking! A few things I would like:

  • Being able the enter the Crucible again, in Temple Hall, like we could in TSW. It was a great place to roleplay with Templars and we deeply regret not being able to go anymore.

  • Manufactory raid. Unfortunately I never had enough gear in TSW to see the story happening inside.

  • Auxillary weapons! They added some flavor to the gameplay.

  • More story. Which means a bigger team. Tell the suits, it’s basic logic for Christ’s sake! If they want you to deliver story content quicker, they have to hire some devs.

  • Gear management for the dressing room. Please.

  • Faction-specific missions and story line.


Another vote for player housing here.

Even something super simple would be lovely, like basic apartments in the hub zones using the item-placing mechanics from the theatre. A number of otherwise-small MMOs (RIFT, Wildstar, etc.) are strongly supported by communities of dedicated decorating addicts. :grin:


Oh thanks for this question!

No sugar mounts (sprint who disappears when you put a feet in water)

Being able to enter in Instance zones outside missions :o (for roleplay) and the return of the Crucible (for same reason)

Old “class” sets skins of TSW

Better advantages for membership (a little pack of aurum each month?)

Being able to use cabal bank without membership

An account bank for send items between our different characters

Missing raids and dungeon of TSW

Raids for little group as dungeon? (hard to find people for do raids :<)

Linked sprints and pets in the account not for just a character

Faction specific missions


Another echo to many previous replies:

More end-game. The missing dungeons and raids added back in followed by NEW dungeons and raids. When Flappy turned from an event thing into an actual 10 player raid we were told that NYR/Eidolon/Flappy were now Tier 1 raiding and that Tier 2 would soon follow. Well. We all know how that went. Let’s get on this.

More time/money/whatever sinks akin to the Museum. I want achievementy, badgey, grindy type things. I’m immensely sad that the grind to complete all bestiary kill achievements was reduced from 10k each to what it is now. It took no time at all to complete and now my museum is as full as it can be since the game is missing tons of museum things making it impossible to complete and I’m now out of things to do. So add more museum rooms plus more things like the museum.

Bring back the Aux weapons.

I’d also like to see this new-fangled targeting system that I’ve heard that games have had massive success with. It’s a reticle-less system with tab targeting. You should totally look in to that.