What NEW thing do YOU want to see added to Secret World Legends?


Before I start, I’m going to assume that asking for any content that was in TSW but hasn’t been ported over yet doesn’t count as “new” content, and already has a place on the priority list. :wink:

  1. New weapons. We were told that a big part of going to the weapon page format from the skill wheel was to allow for the addition of new weapons. Let’s start doing that. Maybe some of the new weapons (reskinned-aux weapons?) can have some slot-able passives that give benefits to things other than just using that weapon. Bring back some of the more granular player build approach that TSW had, rather than just “I will take these passives because they correspond to the active abilities I am using.”

  2. Player housing. I know it’s a big ask, but it’s something that people have wanted for a long time and would be a draw for new players and long-term players alike. Let the player personalize their own little corner of the Secret World. And you know it’ll have plenty of opportunities for micro-transactions.


I want the rest of the museum items to be available.

Also, flying mounts.


Have to definitely agree with a lot of others, and I’ll also throw my two cents in. Also it’s hard to just talk about one thing since there’s a lot of missing features or missed opportunities that I think most people would feel that are pretty integral to their SWL experience.

1: More PvP stuffs, I see how much this side of the community is hurting and it’d be nice to see them get some love soon.

2: More alt-friendliness- multi-character banking with not so steep inventory space upgrades.

3: More abilities, more weapons, and a little more complexity- As a NewBee (pun intended), I’m kicking myself that I never got to try the old TSW combat system and how complex it was. What stopped me was having to buy all the issues and it was a bummer. I wouldn’t ask for showstoppers, but things where it bridges gaps between some of the weapons where it’s not “This is what everyone’s running”.

4: More unique clothing for males, like long cardigan-coats for males. I like my knitwear. Same with hairstyles for both genders- However male options are pretty limited.

5: Open the faction training areas again, like The Crucible. I know there’s DPS dummies in Agartha, but I found it’s both not convenient and not ‘quiet’.

6: Bringing back dimensions because it’s hard to find the RP community- We have band-aid addons for that, but it’s still pretty difficult.

7: Old TSW PvE content reinstated- I have no idea what they’re called, but people want them and I can’t say no to more old content being introduced as well as new content.

8: Microwaved Sardine caches for Andy.


9: Better character customization- Better/more faces. While I have a feeling sliders in the faces might be too much to implement, having more optimized faces along with newer (and younger looking) options I think would make some people happy.


Old things:

  • Manufactories
  • Flappy
  • Eidolon
  • Faction Missions
  • I want my [Torch] from “All Roads Lead to Rome”
  • [Inquisitor] and [Key of Solomon] drinks made available (They used to be in the Crucible)

New Things:

  • #IAMSWL Events
  • Third Age Fragments/Hexcoins Shared Acctwide
  • Account Bank Space (for transfering items between alts)
  • Acctwide Vanity Purchases (or discounted for alts)
  • More Braided and Ethnic hairstyles
  • Headscarves and Wraps


What ONE thing?


  • El Dorado, Fusang, Stonehenge.
  • Gear progression through PvP.
  • PvP-only powers, for more interesting / complex builds – bring that wheel out of hiding!
  • Better support for balancing populations (queuing as the underdog).


For me personally what i feel would benefit everyone the most is more group content , what that consists of ultimately lies with you but there are so many great possibilities, reinstatement of the old pvp zones namely Fusang & El Dorado, Fusang in particular as this is the only “perpetual war zone” where alot of the previous pvp magic happened.

This place especially imo bonded alot of the pvp community together & this part of the community i feel is very loyal to Funcom.

Also the missing dungeons & raids were an integral part of the game which gave so much more choice & kept the playerbase engaged, but any group content new & old i feel would be welcomed & met with great enthusiasm & delight from the community.

I have said this in a previous thread but as the old saying goes “A family that plays together stays together” the solo players do not tend to stick around & story content has only so much replay value, i think it speaks for itself what is in the best interests of the company & the community.

But yeah for me personally one thing? PVP all the way oh Fusang my lionheart doth roar…


Missing group pve content from TSW (2 raids, HF, FAC, SH, MFA, MFB, PH).

Missing pvp (FUSANG, Eldorado, Stonehedge). As I know pvp is not priority, at least FUSANG please. And some pvp lore - I have always found sad how in such lore rich game is pvp placed out of nowhere. Please reconsider rewards in pvp, add some agents as achievement rewards for player kills/winning matches achievements to motivate people to try pvp and be active there.

PVP boxing as game mechanism is already there. I am not sure how difficult would it be to make it pvp, but…it would be fun.

PVP in intoxication mode. Same as boxing. Game mechanism is already there (Shrooms quest and few others).

Some reevaluation of current endgame/group content to make it better balanced, less buggy and make game population less fragmented.

Reevaluation scenarios and adding some new ones or at least new mode of existing maps. Group scenarios mode.

SA lair and (mini)dungeon.

Enable some level of interaction with our agents in game or anything what would introduce them into gameplay. The idea behind agent system is not bad, but right now it’s only browser game and nothing more. I want them as people not stat bonuses only.

Some faction unique quests, stories. I know this is perhaps not realistic, but I would really like to explore (inner)faction politics.

Some more info about other factions/groups (Druids?, Masons?) we were promised when Venice came out.

And this is probably scifi, but… HOUSING.

And… project EXODUS.

EDIT: Once per month some kind of event (instanced public raid, golems etc.) and bonus weekend. Or some event which would be only some time limited special loot, Anything. To offer us something while you work on new content. The worst thing of all is waiting and see how nothing happens. More proactive attitude to game population.


This brought a tear to my eye - Thank you @Feebs

Quite simply - yes
We’d like our PVP back please
Fusang :templar: Eldorado :lumie: Stonehenge :dragon:
My choice would be Fusang.
PVP is the top topic on the forum and the lack of its presence in SWL is a travesty.


Heh, this one is tough for me because some of what I’d love I get why they aren’t ingame anymore. (I liked the crafting in TSW, miss my Aux weapons, loved AEGIS…:P)

So if I have to pick one thing I’m gonna go with an account wide bank. I suspect there’s also good reasons we don’t have that, but between saving stuff up for BTV and Extra Life giveaways plus event items it’d be a lot easier if I could consolidate things between all my alts in one place.


New story, of course.

Non-defence scenarios.


A reason to use the museum besides bragging rights. Chairs? Music players from the zones? Bank access? A ‘lounge’ area where to show off our favorite pieces and hang out with friends and a drink?

Aux weapons back, even as new weapons. I miss my whip.

In general, bringing back the missing stuff from TSW.


Eri, finally;
A Kaidan scenario added to the list, preferably with Komainu being one of the possible waves;
Eri, finally;
the Manufactory dungeons, so we can have the missing parts of the story;
Eri, finally;
An Agent drop pity counter (or four, one for each type of acquisition);
Eri, finally.

Oh, I forgot: killing Adrian; killing whatever cultist made that ■■■■■■■■■ typo on the Foundling job board!


All zones auto-scale so that they are constantly at your level. Once you hit level 15, this includes missions retroactively having potential Dossier drops.

I’m sick of outleveling some of the most beautiful and creative content in the game! Let’s make it all end-game content!

  1. The old PvE content from TSW.

  2. Player housing. I would love if players had the choice of setting up housing in any of the city hubs or maybe even some of the questing zones. Personally I’m all for having a New York apartment!

  3. 1 or 2 more holidays. I LOVE the halloween event every year and although I missed the winter event it looked great! I would love to see another annual event or 2 in the game (like possibly a fair or carnival during the summer, which you may or may not have alluded to)

  4. It has no place in SWL, but I will never say no to fishing. Maybe I can use the fish I catch to make a little aquarium for my apartment!

  5. More masks, my character wears masks almost exclusively so having a few more to switch between is always nice.


There’s a lot of things I want… but I’d put at the top of the list something major that would add a lot to the folks I play with mostly in the game:

Player Housing

I know a lot of people that would love to shell out money for a personal space in SWL and the ability to decorate it with items.

Beyond that, I’d love to see the old content that’s not in the game yet, brought in. Manufactory should be in the game at least as story mode. I’d also like to see new scenario modes, maybe a tower defense mode scenario like the quest in the Scorched Desert, or a Horde Mode where you face off against endless waves of zombies.

If there was anyway to allow players to create content for other players, I’d love that too – the Unseen Stories mod from TSW was great for that sort of thing.

There’s so much more I could add, but I’ll stop there. And thanks for taking the time to get this feedback from the community.

  1. A fix to the ancile bug in A Time to Every Purpose, considering it’s a main mission that is required to continue to storyline in Egypt.

  2. Bring back the rest of the dungeons/raids that were offered in TSW (Slaughter House/Facility/Hell Fallen/Manufactory/Manufactory Breached & Eidolon/Flappy).

  3. New weapons/Aux weapons! I miss the chainsaw and flamethrower and I know a lot of people miss the rocket launcher and whip. It’d be cool to see others as well, like bow and arrows or brass knuckles or something.

  4. New dance emotes and events! Those were my favorite parts of the game, AKA times that really brought the community together. Honestly just a lot of the missing things from TSW.

  5. Missing museum items. :grimacing: Tank commander blade and other golem goodies!!!


I’ll try to be brief, but I have to elaborate a little. Especially since there’s quite a mix of the ‘old’ and ‘new’.

ABOVE ALL: Better Auction House. I can’t even flip through pages of results! I can’t right click on an item and automatically search it!

  1. The biggest one new thing I want: continuation of Solomon Island residents’ story, if this is at all intended. Or in addition to a release including Hard Mode zones, starting with Solomon Island (no scenes, action oriented, appeal to grouping, some big but not huge map changes, replacing the general use of old elite areas)

  2. What else I want:
    -return of Elite Dungeons (original and Tokyo; perhaps slot in solo mode to main questline retroactive to new players)
    -return of PvP basically (little/nothing new; adjusted for SWL)
    -return of raids (Eidolon, Flappy)
    -return of Faction Missions/start up new Faction rank system
    -return of ALL seasonal content
    -New Dawn missions (at least several; at least 2 investigation if possible)
    -New Dawn lair instance (would be nice)
    -New Dawn dungeon (one)
    -housing, at least a respectable basis
    -tattoo/etc parlor (yes, still)
    -any gaps filled (like museum)
    -at least 1 new weapon in 2018 would be nice; it can be reinstatement of weapon like whip
    -aurum stipend for patrons, 100s not 1000s, enough that one can sub for multiple months and pick up something nice
    -do not leave old caches/their content in the dust. Bring back caches, or their contents otherwise (TAF?), or even eventually just put the contents in the game (drops, new systems/areas like E10 Infernal contents drop in Hell dungeons or a new Hell area, or similarly for Agartha; high end and long term though). Basically never retire anything. I despise permanently exclusive things.
    -To follow ^, bring back all TSW Exclusives in various ways.
    -Easier access to blue gear over time, for new solo-story players. Green bags will not do it, eventually. I’ll take players getting 1 totally random blue bag at first over even several greens of certain types.

  3. Timeline:
    Mid 2018 - New Dawn content as expected, and the event we know, but try to fit more in?
    Late 2018 - Congo can happen, sure, but I really wouldn’t mind if all the requested New Dawn material happens instead. By end of year I want most remaining TSW content restored over a new zone.
    2019 - If new zone didn’t happen, do it this year. Restore all or almost all TSW content. Do the new requested things!
    2020 - Moving on from SA, ideally new region; it doesn’t need to happen 2019 as long as 2019 is very busy otherwise, but 2020 would be appropriate.

Or to simplify priority:
2018: new story, then reinstatement, then new other content
2019: reinstatement, then new story, then new other content
2020: new other content, then new story (reinstatement better be done by this point, and we should be pretty happy for a bit with two fleshed out SA zones before moving on)


Summoning/Pet centric weapon. Maybe a dagger for Voodoo or a staff/quarter staff for druidry?


More dungeons! (or old ones brought over!)


OK I’ll say it! Hockey Sticks as weapons!



I’m happy to help! I’m one that enjoys it all. PvE, PvP, RP. It doesn’t matter. Fun is fun. When I looked into TSW years ago, I was impressed with how together all the communities seemed to be- I just was put off by buying and keeping up with all the issues, which I full-heartedly regret.

But since I’ve dipped my toes in both the PvE and RP communities, both have told me that PvP is relatively non-existent. It was disheartening to hear and feel, especially when I was looking at some of the PvP highlight videos. All of it looked like a blast of fun to have and so I had to list that one first.